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Croud Vs Tough Mudder: Why Team Building is Essential to Your Business3 min read

3 min read

Croud’s SEO Manager and Tough Mudder survivor Sophie Tosone, discusses the importance of team building in any business

Mention the word ‘team building’ to your colleagues and you are likely to get a mix of responses.

From groans to delighted smiles, reluctant ‘ah, go on thens’ and then there are those that jump at the chance to bond with their workmates. Either way, team building is an integral part to your business that can help encourage a more productive workforce, shape your business strategy and increase inter team collaboration and communication.

We’re speaking from experience…

Croud Team at Tough Mudder

Back in July, a few mad Supercrouds decided to take on the challenge of Tough Mudder in October. For those of you who aren’t aware, Tough Mudder is 12 mile long obstacle course, designed to challenge both your mental and physical stamina, personal and team skills.

Croud arrived at their Tough Mudder North West event after a 3.5 hour drive from London, expecting the unexpected. The unexpected is what they got, but what they learnt in the following 3 hours will stay with them forever.

Every team needs leaders, motivators, strategists and doers.

The Leaders

A leader’s role can range from taking charge, to being highly organised and delegating tasks to the right team mates but most importantly, setting the bar for others around them. What we learnt during Tough Mudder is that you should lead by example. If you moan, get tired, weak or give up, it is more likely that your team mates will follow suit. As a leader of your business, negativity about something that has or hasn’t happened during the workplace will be highlighted to your colleagues.

Tough Mudder also highlighted that our Croudies who are not necessarily team leaders or in management roles within the business, can step up to the table and lead outside of work and this was a great insight for us as a team and as a company.

The Motivators

These are the colleagues that pick you up when you are down, encourage you to complete an obstacle and stay focussed on any challenge you come up against. Within teams at Croud of course we are always motivated 100% of the time (!) but we also notice what an extra bit of motivation can do for our workforce. During Tough Mudder, it was pretty gruelling at times and motivation was welcome at different points during the course. We stuck together and took on the role of motivators one person at a time, without even realising we were doing so. The finish line (and prospect of food and pint) was our motivator but more so for a sense of achievement. It’s cheesy, but if employees are motivated to work together to produce great work, then inevitably they will do so.

The Strategists

So we were given a course and we just had to complete it. Simple. No? Never underestimate the role of a strategist. They are the clear thinkers, the employees or team mates that know what actions now will benefit you later. They have a path, and if they get diverted they recalculate their route. These are the people in your business that can shape how other teams work. They can see the bigger picture and are an integral part of shaping the way employees share information, collaborate ideas and formulate a plan.

The Doers

Tough Mudder JumpTypically the quieter members of the team, the doers put the wheels in motion and make things happen. It was all so easy to come up to an obstacle during Tough Mudder, stop and question whether you can actually do it. But you won’t know unless you try. Like any new business idea, strategy or change in the business, you have to try things to see if they work. The people that just take new ideas and roll with them are key to your company at all times.


Now, Tough Mudder isn’t for everyone but team building should be. Put these four strands of your team together and get them working collaboratively, both inside and outside of work and you will be surprised how much you learn.

Croud Tough Mudder