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Croud to Paris

Croud Cycles to Paris!2 min read

2 min read

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As some of you may already know, there is a fairly strong cycling contingent here at Croud. From those who take to two wheels, whizzing through black cabs and double deckers on their commute in, to the hardcore pros, peddling out 100km rides each weekend. Over last couple of years the Croud Peloton has grown and grown.

So, seeing as everyone here loves a bit of challenge, we thought we would combine these two passions and push a little bit further this summer. So, with that in mind, this June Croud and friends will be cycling 341km from London to Paris.

On June 19th, 12 of us will set off from the Croud HQ in Shoreditch and head south to Portsmouth before catching the overnight ferry to Caen. Once on French soil, the ride will take us through the French countryside arriving at the iconic Arc De Triomphe a mere 24 hours after leaving London.

Not only are we doing the ride for our own enjoyment but also to raise money for our fantastic partner charity Open Arms Malawi. This fantastic charity brings new hope and support to orphaned children all across Malawi, one of the poorest nations on Earth. Over 1 million children are orphaned in Malawi, which is roughly 10% of all children in the country, 65% of which are orphaned due to HIV and AIDs.

Croud to Paris

With your help and donations to our ride, Open Arms Malawi will be able to continue the amazing work they do by providing health and medical care, education and housing. Any and all donations will be incredibly well received by us and Open Arms Malawi, so please, dig deep and donate what you can and help us reach our target of £10,000!

Training is already well underway, with everyone taking part due to be finely tuned cycling machines by the time we set off! We will keep you updated of all our progress from training rides to the event itself.

Please donate to the team today!

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