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Content Marketing: 10 Handy Writing Tips4 min read

4 min read

Since Google launched Penguin it has never been more important to ensure that the content that is being used on a website is written well and contains quality content.  However you also need to write content that is share worthy and this is no mean feat.  Plus the looming presence of Google Authorship is putting more onus on ensuring credible content is being created by the writer, to aid with SEO SERPs.

Croud are busily adding freelance content writers to their Croudie Network and we wanted to share their hints and tips for writing quality content that people will want to read and share.

  • Let your personality shine through 

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This can be the most vital element to creating a read worthy blog. Blogging is like being an actor, you have to portray this vibrant, constantly switched on character. You want your writing to ooze whit, charm and a friendly disposition. An article with personality instantly takes reading from being a task to learn to an enjoyable experience that you can lose yourself in.

  • Triple check your facts  

To be a good content writer you have to write the truth! Do your research, be knowledgeable, readers are more likely to return if they perceive you to be someone of note. Be clear to state opinion from fact.

  • A rhythm to your writing

Having a steady, easy to read beat to your writing makes your article flow. It’s important to have a sense of fluidity throughout your website and not just in one or two articles as it encourages people to read on, giving you more time to convert a reader to a loyal reader.

  • Avoid advertising banners;

if you want a professional looking blog then avoid the flashing, or video images of company’s or products down the side of your site, your reader is not there to have adverts thrust upon them, they will be more likely to exit your site and find another. However, you can write articles on products or companies, or even have a few links at the bottom of the page.

  • Always proof read before you publish

It seems obvious right? But how many people forget to do this?  It’s vital to Croudieget someone else to read over your work with a fresh eye to spot any spelling or grammatical errors. It’s these small mistakes that can cause people to instantly doubt your credibility and therefore exit your site.

  • Hyperlinks to similar blogs

This adds further content to your point, giving the reader a fuller picture and a deeper understanding… Yes it does mean you are advocating a re-direction of traffic away from your site but it shows readers your purpose is for them and their needs and not on your own numbers.

  • Remember that blogging is about the user, not you

This simple truth is shown in the word ‘blog’ which originated as web log, which was cleverly changed to we blog; blogging is about the wider community, the ‘we’. Blogs are accessible to anyone, anywhere; they bring people together and allow people to share opinions.


  • Be interactive;

Croud content marketingIn keeping with your persona it is a good idea to have a contact page in which you can have an email for private conversation and links to your social medias for public discussions. It makes you and your blog personable and makes the readers feel valued and involved.


  • However…

if you take this route you have to be responsible for your site, including taking responsibility for the comments of others. Remove spam from comments and delete rude, offensive and dangerously controversial comments in order to maintain a safe and friendly atmosphere.

  • Be passionate about what you write.

If you enjoy your topic then it’s projected through your writing, your passion is more likely to rub off on readers.The more innovative and original your individual blogs are then the more interesting your site is!


Croud is growing fast and we want to build a network filled with talented and passionate content writers that will write articles for our clients’ websites.   If you’re interested in being part of the Croudie Network you can quickly sign up online at and a member of the on-boarding team will be in touch ASAP.

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