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Coming to America

Coming to America3 min read

3 min read

It’s been on the cards for a while, but after a couple of years of planning Croud have fully landed in the US of A; following Kris Tait’s pioneering role in Q4 of 2015 we go full steam ahead in 2016. The team and our client base is set to grow significantly over the coming months.  

So why the US? Why the hesitation? What did we do to prepare? And what’s the plan now we’re here?

  • Why the US? On every level the US is huge, especially when it comes to marketing and communication – over 35% of the world’s advertising expenditure is spent in the domestic US market (see chart below from emarketer.)

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  • If Croud are to live up to our self-proclaimed mantle of being a global digital business, we better become one, and the US is an essential element of that.
  • We firmly believe that our brand of transparent, innovative, Croud-sourced digital marketing, that drives results, has a big place in the United States. We want to bring what has made our clients love us, what makes us successful in Europe and Australia over here to the US.
  • It’s the most entrepreneurial place on earth – the land of the brave.  
  • It’s an economy on the up… there’s a real positivity about New York particularly.

Why did we take our time to move to the US?

Make no mistake, tackling the US is a tough gig, a number of our peers have crashed and burned over here. We don’t have the same network as we do in the UK, we’re very much the classic small fish in a very big pond. So we had to get everything lined up correctly…

We took our time, we waited until we felt our products and services were where they needed to be in an exacting market. There are some serious players over here, and we had to be able to offer as good, if not better, a level of service and sophistication.

And we waited until our UK  business was stable and we had the right talent in place to continue to drive growth in that more established part of Croud’s organisation.

Now is that time.  

What have we done?

Well, in setting up out here we studied and learnt a lot. We left no stone unturned in preparation.

I’ve been spending time here since November 2014 building partnerships and relationships, getting advice on anything from legal to clients to culture to the US economy. We spoke to everyone we could about entering the market, thanks to those who’ve given invaluable advice.

We read books on how tech businesses should focus on data-driven selling to get a competitive advantage. On the back of that, we’ve been scientific in how we approach everything, from events to planning email marketing campaigns to of course our own paid media.

What’s to come in 2016?

Our first couple of US clients are on board, and there’s plenty more to come. It’s about building our profile, our team and our presence in 2016, and ultimately delivering digital solutions that help our clients grow.

Exciting times for the Croud global family – Croudie numbers heading past 500, in house team at 70 (with 15 open roles – apply now) and offices in London, New York, Sydney and most famously Shrewsbury.

If you want some of this, either as a client or fancy joining the team then let us know, if you’re in New York pop in for a nice cup of English Breakfast tea.