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Cerise’s Story – Career Break as a Croudie2 min read

2 min read

My relationship with Croud started six months ago when I was coming to the end of my five years in the UK as a PPC specialist. I was returning back to Taiwan for a career break but I didn’t want to completely leave the world of paid search behind. Then, Croud approached me with the chance to join their local freelance team as a ‘Croudie’.




The idea is simple: there are talented account management teams based in London and Shrewsbury within the UK, New York, and Sydney. These teams are in charge of client relations and strategies. They are then supported by ‘Croudies’ around the world that offer unique local insights alongside language abilities. It is a unique fit that delivers the best results for clients all round.

Being a Croudie allows me to have the best of both worlds as I can enjoy my career break while keeping up with advanced digital updates from London. Moreover, for the first time in my career, I am able to utilise my local language and skills, meaning my skillset continues to improve through working with Croud. One of the clients that I have been working with is the Cambridge Satchel Company. As a prestigious British brand aspiring to expand into Asian markets, they are always open to new solutions and innovative tools such as Baidu. We have been testing new ad formats and have seen a massive improvement in the brand’s digital presence and performance. Moreover, with customised content curated by true locals, the client’s seasonal strategy has been fully delivered at the right moment and the right place.

Aberdeen Asset Management is another client that has been supported by Croudies in markets beyond the UK. Within this highly competitive industry, efficiency is crucial to any media expenditure. Together with the clients’ local team, we have refined long-tailed keywords and reduced average CPA by refreshing the landing page with the most relevant messaging.

Croud has its own platform called ‘Croud Control’ which is easy to navigate both ends for any task sent out. Comprehensive instructions are provided by the in-house operation teams in addition to a brief background of the client through this platform. It is like a full survival kit for a freelancer, who in most cases usually feel less supported than full-time employees.

As a digital advertising practitioner who has worked both in-house and in a global agency, my experience as a Croudie is truly fantastic. I have also referred some of the best local talent to be part of the team, not only because I firmly believe that global strategy is best delivered by locals, but due to the friendliness and support from the in-house team.