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Brighton SEO3 min read

3 min read

Friday the 22nd was the day a few of us lucky ones from Croud ventured down to Brighton, home of fish and chips, large flat whites and fantastically cold winds, all in honour of the famous SEO conference. The train journey down was very quiet so it was quite a surprise to arrive at the dome to see the queue extending far round the corner (much to our disappointment as it was drizzling quite a bit by this point, not at all beach going weather!). The conference was packed, definitely proving wrong any critics claiming that ‘SEO is dead’.

After receiving our name badges and schedules for the day, it was off to the main hall, of which had been thoughtfully decorated with sponsors names and some Hollywood themed lights spelling out ‘Brighton SEO’ in the corner.

Some highlights

With so many talks on that day, it was quite hard to fit them all in, but here are a few highlights from the ones team Croud attended!

One of the most impressive talks in that first session has to be Mel Carson’s ‘personal branding’. Mel descried how to market yourself, including how we should all have our own websites, and of course, how the perfect LinkedIn photo consists of half a smile and a squint – apparently this makes employers see you as efficient and reliable.

The second speaker of note, who introduced himself with mandatory selfie for his Mum, was Rob Bucci. He spoke about the importance of snippets, covering the topic from how appearing in featured snippets makes you appear more important in the mind of the searcher to how sites can see an increase from 20-30% in organic traffic when they appear in a snippet.

Brighton SEO - Featured Snippets

No less important, the next speaker, Tom Bennet, spoke captivatingly about site speed, in particular for content marketers and how it applies not only to blog posts but to landing pages as well. This talk even included a live (well, recorded) demo of how optimising site through images, fonts, icons etc. can affect your sites performance greatly-so be aware and act on it!

Brighton SEO

The Marketing to Local Businesses talk by Greg Glifford definitely got the approval of some our SEO team here at croud. With his incredibly unique slides (some great scenes from famous films). Greg shared his some of his local SEO tips (which he defined as ‘optimising signals both on and off a site to get it to show up in a specific geographic area’), using local silos, getting links from local businesses to the various competitive market difference makers and much more.

Brighton SEO

After a lovely café lunch, only offering the best from Brighton, we returned to the dome for the next few talks. Moving away slightly from SEO, the content talk highlights were definitively a combination of Laura Hampton’s Audience Personas, which focused on the audience needs and how to market to the correct audience, their challenges, opinions and needs, and how you go about finding this data, and Hannah Butcher’s I am a Blogger, don’t make me Mad talk, which gave content marketers very useful insight into how to build beneficial relationships with bloggers and vice versa.

Brighton SEO

The Keynote!

It was a buzzing atmosphere for Natalie Nahai’s (the Web psychologist) talk on ‘The secret psychology of content of persuasive content’. The title of this talk speaks for itself, but we were unprepared for the depth she went into about the characters of your audience, which, according to Nahai, should all fit into the ‘Big 5’ of personality traits; openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. A fascinating take on how to gauge the most beneficial method of content marketing, specific to your site and using specific words to engage the different personality traits (e.g. Sports products to those with the ‘extraversion’ trait). Definitely recommend a read of her slides to find out more.

Brighton SEO

Lots to take away as usual from Brighton SEO. Back to the Big Smoke to test them out.