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Attribution Click Paths and User Journeys for Paid Search3 min read

3 min read

Croud’s Client Services Director, Jon Ditchburn, uses his love of rugby to help explain what makes up a successful Paid Search ‘Team’  and what components you need to run a successful campaign. 


In light of the extremely well publicized recent Lions victory I thought it would be rather relevant to look at the path to online success in the format of something close to my heart – the British and Irish Lions.

So back to the past – in rugby it’s all about scoring points – as we all know, points win games – so why not pick a team of Leigh Halfpennys who scored 114 points far ahead of Owen Farrell in 2nd position with 36  – points win games right? But picking a team of Leigh Halfpennys would be an awful decision….. (Sorry Leigh).

Essentially with rugby as with digital, picking just point scorers won’t win games or allow you to hit your acquisition targets – have a team solely made up of full backs and you won’t win a scrum, lineout or ruck and therefore ultimately your chances of winning the game are non-existent!

So, as with digital, the “manager” has to think of the positions you play and what their contribution to team success is; forwards, second rows, fly half, wingers represent here your channels – each vital for your chance of success and for you to win – so when picking your team, you need to evaluate the contribution to success, be that winning the match, making more sales or creating brand awareness.

In rugby, be that in the form of Dan Lydiate making 57 tackles, Ian Evans making 19 lineout catches or George North Scoring 4 tries, you need to assist metrics, games played etc or your team as a manager would be lacking the support of midfield and would be open attack from your competitors – the same is true of digital.

Looking at this from a digital point of view you need to use something like Google Analytics (others are available) to look at a multitude of variables and intelligently know which are important. E.g. was this a solo try, did the kick 2 minutes ago make the try happen, who assisted, was it  turnover by the other team – making the decision as a human on rugby appears easy, we all do it – but decisions in rugby like most modern sports nowadays are powered by data.


This data is the key to making the right decision for digital – love, cuddle and nurture data and your selections will be better to your businesses goals – ignore the creators of a sale and those creating your brand awareness and your decisions will undoubtedly be flawed.

So how to perfect your team………? Why, love the data of course!!

Make sure you have the right attribution system in play – are you going with first or last click, are you looking at even reward throughout the journey? Are you looking at rewarding throughout the journey but crediting the initial player or digital component and last player or channel used with higher reward?The options are endless but from experience the best option is to analyse all the components in the journey and don’t just take the easy option of rewarding the point of sale!