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A Year In Numbers 20141 min read

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It’s been quite a year for the team at Croud, we’ve brought on some incredible talent, grown the business to the 5th biggest Google Indie (from 12th) in the UK and added some truly world class brands to our portfolio.

We began the year by announcing it to be the year of the audience and rather pleasingly that’s exactly what its become, our world has flipped from being solely about Keywords and more about audience and context. The launch of Croud’s programmatic display is part of our move to be much more customer centric across multiple channels and platforms for our clients.

Internationally our Australian business has gone from strength to strength, quadrupling revenues and signing a multi-product deal with Sensis, the biggest SMB service provider down under. We launched a satellite office in Berlin, and begun partnerships with HK and Chinese businesses, watch this space for some very interesting new markets in 2015.

We’ll be going some to top 2014’s achievements next year. But with the ever expanding team, network and locations in place, plus new and ever enhanced products coming up, we’ve got every ambition of doing just that.

Next year? More audience, more attribution and more automation, and don’t forget feeds.

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