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7 Search Marketing New Year’s Resolutions4 min read

4 min read

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[/vc_raw_html][text_output]Having reviewed the amazing year we have just had at Croud we are now busy planning for 2016 starting with looking at some New Years Resolutions specifically for Search Marketers.

As we move into a fresh new year, here are some tricks and tips to make sure you start 2016 the right way.

1. Get into the Detail – Know What is Happening

Base all decisions on data – the amount of data available today is vast. Make use of it, review it from all angles and ensure you take everything you can from it. A data led strategy will ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

data led

2. Push the Boundaries and try Something new

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Digital Marketing is an industry that is ever changing, the tools available are ever evolving opening up numerous new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try these new areas, whether it be trialling new products such as Gmail ads – a product Croud have had lots of success with over the last months, or trialling new tools or avenues, such as paid social. Don’t be afraid to test things.

Comfort zone

3. Have a Revamp

New year, new you? Why not give your brand a revamp to stay fresh and relevant. Creating new campaigns and updating your different advertising channels with a new look can do wonders for your engagement and brand image. We’re not talking complete overhaul, just add a bit of je ne sais quoi to get noticed this year.


4. Don’t Neglect Your Content Strategy, it’s the Future of Marketing

Creating engaging content is key. Focus on creating high quality content that is informative, entertaining and visually appealing, a strategy that fits into your overall marketing strategy but makes you stand out from the crowd. Create an experience that your customers won’t forget.

Here at Croud we have been looking at the future of content marketing – in our blog ‘The Future of Content Marketing’ there are a few ideas that may help with your future strategy.


5. Consider Social – for Both new and Existing Customers

Don’t underestimate the power of social. Take Facebook for example, it knows who you are, where you are, what you like and even what your friends like – it is a marketers dream.

Catch their eye and engage them.


6. Consider Your Audience Strategy – After all Audience is King

The increased amount of audience data now available opens up a wealth of opportunities for the search marketer. The focus should no longer be solely on what people are searching for but who that audience actually are, how they behave and what their user intent is. This allows us to gain a much better understanding of the users’ needs and their expected behaviours allowing us to adjust bids and tailor creative in a much more efficient way.

By using a data led approach with audience intent at the forefront, brands are able to deliver a better experience to their customers.


7. Build an Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Take an integrated approach – Digital marketing after all is not one dimensional. Instead of looking at each part of your marketing strategy in isolation and making corresponding plans and adjustments, go a step further and look at the bigger picture. For a marketing strategy to really succeed all activity must work together for better coverage, consistency and strength.

As highlighted in the blog post ‘Why you need an Omni Channel Marketing Strategy’ consumers no longer separate the online and offline world.


As a result, there is an ever increasing importance for brand to create a seamless omni-channel strategy. By getting this right and ensuring all areas of marketing are synchronised, brands can increase their power.


Happy New Year!

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