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Microsoft Launches a Threefold Assault On Google4 min read

4 min read

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Windows 10:

Windows 10


Microsoft’s Windows 10 launched in the UK on 29th July, and over 14 million devices are now running its latest operating system. It’s a free upgrade to customers running Windows 7 or 8, the first major version of Windows to be free for most consumers.

Many users avoided the upgrade to Windows 8, preferring to stick with the familiarity of Windows 7 – Windows 10 combines the best of both worlds, which should result in much better rates of adoption.

The new version of Windows has the potential to lead to significant gains in search market share for Bing, and Microsoft are predicting a potential increase in search query volume of 10 to 15 percent from September.


Microsoft’s Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade

  1. Familiarity
  2. Get personal with Cortana
  3. Do unexpected things with Microsoft Edge
  4. Game epically
  5. Do multiple things at once
  6. Security
  7. Say “Hello” to Windows Hello
  8. Great built-in apps
  9. Continuum on Windows 10
  10. Do one-stop shopping with the new Windows Store

The timing could be great news for Bing advertisers, with volume increases arriving in time for holiday campaigns. Microsoft predict that gains will come from current Bing users, as well as new users, because Bing will be used more frequently in Windows 10.


Cortana is Bing’s Assistant


Windows 10’s new desktop search bar is powered by a double-act of Cortana and Bing.  Originally named ‘Jarvis’, Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistant (and Halo-referenced) Cortana was created for the Windows Phone. She has seen heavy TV Advertising and has growing brand recognition.  Now, Cortana is finally saying hello to users from PCs around the world. For many, this will be the first time they talk to a computer and get a meaningful response back.

She will have a chat with you the first time you fire up to find out what interests you (or you can automatically add this in), and source some exciting stuff. This ranges from information about local restaurants and interesting news, to events you might attend. She’s still very much in the development stages, but considering Windows actually interviewed a range of real-life personal assistants to create Cortana, we can only see her services getting better and better.


Mobile – The Cortana App

The new Cortana app should see Bing search used on more mobile devices running iOS and Android, as well as the native Windows Mobile (very similar to Apple releasing the Siri app on Android). The Cortana app has cross-device functionality that will drive adoption; it can connect with Windows PCs and sync calendars and other information across all devices.


Microsoft now has “The Edge”

Microsoft Edge

In 18 days, it will be Internet Explorer’s 20th birthday, and this ancient web browser has suffered from a tarnished reputation, losing market share to Google’s shiny new Chrome browser.

The new Microsoft Edge is a much cleaner and leaner looking web browser. Its minimalist design makes it much more responsive than Internet Explorer ever was, and is both mobile-friendly and touch-friendly.

Microsoft Edge includes a range of features that should lead to an increase in Bing searches, e.g. the ability to highlight text and conduct a search on the highlighted subject. Other features include changing the browser’s theme, importing favourites from another browser (helpful for IE users), changing the colour scheme, adjusting the font size… the list goes on and on. Definitely a vast improvement on what Microsoft was offering beforehand!


A three-pronged advance for Bing

Fundamentally, Microsoft is attacking the mighty Google on three fronts: on the desktop there’s Windows 10, on the web there’s the Microsoft Edge browser and on mobile there’s the new Cortana app.

Bing is already an important marketplace for advertisers and this three-pronged advance by Microsoft should see Bing’s brand value and share of search volumes go from strength to strength.[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][visibility type=”hidden-desktop”][gap size=”20px”][/visibility][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”ups-sidebar-2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]