Croud wins three awards at The Wires Global

We are thrilled to announce that Croud has won three categories – Best Digital Campaign, Best Use of Data & Creativity and Best Client Services Team – in The Wires Global Awards.

Powered by ExchangeWire, The Wires Global awards recognise the very best use of ad tech and martech across all aspects of media sales and media buying, celebrating the use of technology, expertise, and innovation within the industry. Croud’s Associate Programmatic Director, Connie del Bono, was also commended third place for the ExchangeWire Ad Tech Rising Star of the Year.

Best Digital Campaign

This award recognises the most effective use of programmatic buying in a digital advertising campaign. Croud won this award for our work with Frontier for the launch of Planet Zoo.

In a crowded landscape, Croud was tasked with delivering a launch campaign for Frontier’s Planet Zoo video game – with a paid media budget of just 10% compared with their previous game launch. Croud’s strategy focused on consistent and precise targeting. Using sequential messaging and disruptive creatives, the campaign was able to achieve a cost-per-action 75% lower than the previous game, and achieve a day-one PC launch record for Frontier.

Best Use of Data & Creativity

This award recognises the most effective application and integration of data and creativity within a digital advertising campaign. Croud won this award for project ‘Da Vinci’, the development of a machine learning-powered technology for intelligent creative direction.

Croud has built a system that uses machine learning for visual recognition and statistical modelling, to determine the contribution to ad performance made by each individual detailed visual trait across all of the client’s ad variants. In tests for our clients, that machine-directed creative performed 2.3x better.

Best Client Services Team

This award recognises the very best in client services relating to advertising and marketing. Croud’s Programmatic team took home this award.

The last year has been an exciting and rewarding one for the team, with many new clients coming on board, and the team’s client work gaining widespread industry recognition. With a continued focus on data and innovation, the team is at the forefront of the industry – from developing machine learning-driven tools for programmatic creative, to providing industry commentary on the BBC.

Lindsey Rowntree, Head of Content at ExchangeWire, and judge for Best Client Services Team comments on Croud’s win:

Croud’s programmatic team is a true extension of their clients’ marketing teams. They deliver creativity and innovation within their programmatic strategies, all underpinned by great results.

Croud’s Director of Media and Platforms, Mazen Hussain, comments on the award wins:

This is a great achievement for the team and testament to the hard work everyone has put in this year. The industry is rapidly evolving and we’re experiencing different expectations for how we plan, activate and manage our programmatic campaigns. To have won this award in amongst this change is hugely rewarding and something the entire team should be very proud of.

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