Croud supports the Folding@Home project

It is a time of great uncertainty at the moment, and something that we will all remember for years to come. With that in mind, Croud wanted to try and help out in whatever way we could, and so we are currently running the Folding@Home project across our in-house technology.

Folding@Home project

The Folding@Home project aims to use additional or spare CPU (central processing unit) processing resources around the world to run simulations and crunch data, in the hope that therapeutic treatments that might be effective against COVID-19 can be found.

Croud will be using our Amazon Web Services development cluster technology to run regular simulations. Each simulation attempts to capture the motion of the COVID-19 protein that creates a potentially druggable site, so the more simulations that are run, the more chances they have of identifying how the COVID-19 protein moves.

If you’re interested in taking part in the project, you can do so using your own laptop online here.

As the situation intensifies over the coming weeks, projects like Folding@Home will be pivotal for helping us overcome this. Do you know of any other ways in which we can help support during this time? Let us know!

by Croud
24 March 2020



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