Croud launches its inaugural diversity report

In 2020, Croud embarked on the start of our diversity and inclusion journey, and this month, we launch our inaugural diversity report.

In July last year, as an organisation we acknowledged that Croud is not as diverse as it should be,  and in order to ensure that all employees of Croud feel that they belong and are part of the business, it was crucial to take the necessary steps towards developing a more diverse and inclusive workforce. The first focus of Croud’s diversity agenda was to understand the composition of our organisation through analysis of key areas of the diversity landscape, and hold ourselves accountable for driving change.

Croud’s inaugural diversity report examines and explores the representation of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, age, religion, disability and employment status, whilst also looking at our employees’ current sense of belonging and feelings of inclusivity. This report focuses on the global business landscape, with an illustrative view by geography, highlighting our key achievements to date, as well as outlining our main initiatives and commitments for the coming years.

Croud’s Global HR Director, Sarah Neblett-Lindo, comments on the launch of the report:

“Croud has started its journey. Like many organisations, we believe and want our business to reflect the society that we live in, and be representative of our clients, partners and associates. Collating and communicating our people metrics truly holds us accountable for the progress that we make. Whilst we acknowledge that there is work to be done, we also accept the insight and intelligence that this data communicates about our people. I know that I, like many employees within our business, am excited and purposeful about our diversity and inclusion journey.”

Croud’s Founder and CEO, Luke Smith, added:

“This is a really important day in the evolution of Croud, our journey starts here. In this report, we’re sharing our data and we’ll use this to hold ourselves accountable on a regular basis. We want to attract the best and brightest people to our business, irrespective of who they are or their background. Full stop. With this in mind, we will start our journey as we mean to go on; informed, invested with a clear strategy, and committed to delivering material change within our business.”

Croud’s UK Managing Director, Emil Bielski, said of the report launch:

“Sometimes you have to pick up the mirror and reflect upon who you are and where you want to be. The same is true for any business that wants to grow. There have been some great strides at Croud, and the sense of belonging that glues the organisation is critical, as is the balanced make-up of the organisation. Yet steps still need to be made to better reflect the brands and customers that we create experiences for. This is step one, the reference point. I look forward to seeing how much we can achieve in the next couple of years.”

You can read Croud’s diversity report in more detail here. For more information on our D&I agenda, get in touch.

by Croud
3 March 2021



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