Coronavirus: Market insights

With the coronavirus pandemic now affecting almost every corner of the globe, and different markets at different stages of the outbreak, we take a look at how COVID-19 is impacting various markets.

Last updated: 24th April 2020

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Global insights

SEOmonitor – Search Trends after COVID-19

SEOmonitor has made its year-on-year search data for the US and UK markets publicly available, to help companies understand how search interest is shifting in their area to help navigate these challenging times.

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YouGov – International COVID-19 tracker

YouGov’s international COVID-19 tracker highlights key results from interviews with over 27,000 people per week across 26 markets. From the percentage of people who are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ scared of catching coronavirus per market, to insight into the proportion improving their personal hygiene, the tracker offers valuable insight into how individual markets are responding, and how that has changed over time.

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Google – COVID-19 community mobility reports

Google has launched Community Mobility Reports for several locations across the globe. Making use of the same type of aggregated, anonymised insights used in products such as Google Maps, these reports are designed to highlight mobility trends over time. This includes changes in visits to supermarkets, parks, workplaces, and more, with the reports being updated regularly and more countries and regions coming soon. 

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Croud deck – COVID-19: Impact review

The Croud team has put together an impact review deck for COVID-19, which looks at the global evolution of the pandemic, its impact on various industries and wider ways of working, what it means for digital marketing, and how businesses can look to respond.

New York Times – Coronavirus global map

The New York Times’ coronavirus map allows you to track the global outbreak in near-real time, and see where cases are rising fastest, as well as including a more detailed look at US cases.

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Statista – Coronavirus facts and figures

Similarly, Statista offers an overview of current cases and fatalities across the globe, with the data being updated on a daily basis. Statista also offers a wealth of data and insight into various aspects of the pandemic, with all of its COVID-19 content free to access.  

View Statista COVID-19 hub

Google Trends – search interest in coronavirus globally

Google Trends offers a wealth of data and insight, allowing you to explore how certain search queries are shifting in popularity across markets. One such example is the below chart, which demonstrates which regions across the globe have experienced the highest interest in coronavirus over the past week (live data).

RavenPack – Global news monitor

RavenPack has pulled together a dashboard that summarises international media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes total news volume, sentiment, and media hype data per country.

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UK insights

Google Trends – UK overview

This Google Trends hub looks specifically at how people are searching around coronavirus in the UK – from the most commonly asked COVID-19-related questions over the past week, to which queries are trending. 

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Morning Consult – UK consumer confidence tracker

Morning Consult is tracking consumer confidence and expectations on a daily basis across several markets, including the UK. This includes three key metrics, with ICS (consumer sentiment) capturing overall views regarding current and future personal and business conditions in the UK as a whole.

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Statista – UK dossier

This dossier provides information about the coronavirus outbreak in the UK, including a look at how the pandemic is impacting the UK economy. Statista also provides an overview of facts and figures specific to the UK here.

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US insights

Google Trends – US overview

The US version of Google Trends’ coronavirus search trends hub offers a more detailed look at trending search queries over the past day and week, with current searches largely focusing on jobless claims and lockdown rules.

View US overview

Morning Consult – US consumer confidence tracker

Updated on a daily basis, Morning Consult’s US tracker provides a useful snapshot of how US consumer confidence is shifting day by day amid market turmoil and ongoing coronavirus fears.

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Statista – US resources hub

The Statista hub for the US provides an overview of public awareness and concern in the United States, as well as charts that demonstrate the economic impact, and other useful insights.

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Australia insights

Google Trends – Australia overview

Looking at search trends in Australia through Google Trends provides an indication of where the country is at in terms of the outbreak, with people currently largely interested in how to prepare and protect themselves, as well as researching social distancing.

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The Trade Desk – Australia insights

General Manager ANZ at The Trade Desk shared some useful insights into how consumer behaviours are shifting in Australia, with video usage up 47% in March compared with January, whilst digital audio also grew by 13%.

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If you would like any specific insights related to the coronavirus pandemic or more widely, get in touch to see how our Strategy & Planning team might be able to help.

by Croud
10 March 2020



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