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Why is this Johnnie Walker ad a game changer?3 min read

3 min read

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Editor’s note/spoiler alert: We strongly advise you watch the ad before reading the below.

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[/x_video_embed][text_output]Amongst the bristles of Christmas videos covering news feeds around the world this week, came a truly masterful piece of content.

The minute and a half Johnnie Walker spec ad depicts the bond between two brothers and follows them on a journey through their homeland. The powerfully shot ad, makes the most of Scotland’s rugged and inspiring canvas, bringing the viewer closer to the land through a number of eerie scenes.

A carefully crafted voice over takes us on a poetic journey through their experiences, life and love for each other. With lines like, “Call my demons and walk with me brother, until our roads lead us away from each other” the VO instantly attaches itself to the heart strings of the viewer and foreshadows something more sinister to follow. Any viewer of the ad who themselves are a sibling, will struggle to fight the urge of one’s heart to skip a beat once we see the brothers reach the end of their journey. We are plunged into a somewhat moving yet inspirational message.

What perhaps, is the most interesting part about this piece, is it wasn’t in fact, created by Johnnie Walker at all. Instead, the masterminds behind the spec ad are German students Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz, both of whom are studying at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg. The guys haven’t even shown it to the brand yet.

When it comes to Johnnie Walker ads, we are used to the big budget, Hollywood style videos, full of celebrities, much like their famed Gentleman’s Wager campaign. Here we saw Jude Law dance and style his way through a variety of stunning scenarios, in a series of feel good films. Dear Brother however, takes us on a completely different journey.

Johnnie Walker


So what makes Dear Brother stand out, not just from Johnnie Walker ads, but most other ads around at the moment? Within 90 seconds the viewer is taken on an emotional voyage through the brother’s lives. From images of their homeland and stories of their youth, we feel part of their history and in part, see our own stories reflected in theirs. Without divulging into paragraphs of philosophy, we as humans have a history of looking for a deeper truth other than our own. We look for meaning in our lives amongst the existence of others and as such, in this instance, Dear Brother gives us a window to our own experiences.

This type of story telling content is fast becoming a way to connect with your audience on a level that is far past your product. Dear Brother further cements the importance that there is more than just your brand. Titz and Lebherz instill a feeling of perseverance and an encouraging strength to keep going. A method which is summed up through the use of Johnnie Walker’s historic ‘Keep Walking’ motto.

This is not just an ad or a beautiful film. Titz and Lebherz have connected perfectly with their audience in a way that subliminally instills their brand message into the hearts of their viewers.

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