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Why Video Should be Leading Your Content Strategy4 min read

4 min read


Croud’s Content Manager, Iain gives an insight into video content and its importance in the future of digital marketing.

Forrester Research estimate that a single minute of video content can be as effective as 1.8 million words.

Digital marketing is moving rapidly. As much as we love the written word, content is evolving to be more interactive and thus is demanding a more creative take on traditional online marketing techniques; cue video.

The moving image is fast becoming one of the most effective forms of content. Its arrival in the market place has happened so fast that many brands are failing to employ its use and could be at risk of falling behind. Far more pleasing on the eye than a block of text, video can engage viewers and encourage an easier sharing process. Cisco predict that online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion by 2016, probably making it the most popular form of content globally

With over 4 billion daily views, YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, more than enough reason for brands to strongly consider its utility in reaching their audience. Since the acquisition of YouTube, Google are 53 times more likely to rank video content on the first page of a search.

So why is this video boom taking over the content world? What is attracting 86% of the UK’s internet population to watch videos online every month? And just why did 5.6 million people watch a man shouting at a dog named Fenton?


Visual content is a fresh way of engaging with your audience. The human mind is actually designed to relate to video. Studies have shown we take more notice of moving image and tend absorb more information through a human voice than we do when reading text. As humans, 65% of us are visual learners and 44% of us are more likely to engage with a brand that employs the use of video and images. Some of the most popular videos and virals online have one key ingredient; emotion. Viewers instantly feel attached to a video which appeals to their emotional side and draws inspiration. Camera manufacture GoPro released a video which went viral in September of an American fireman saving the life of a small kitten after a house fire. The inspirational video broke the hearts of nearly 20 million viewers and gained 235,000 likes.


Each month over 30 billion pieces of content are shared on the world’s most popular social platform Facebook, over 60% of these are videos. The shareability of video makes it a perfect piece of content. A video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo is easily embedded into a user’s Facebook or twitter file which can have instant consequent shares. Coca-Cola’s advert to promote the new James Bond film Skyfall was an instant hit online which resulted in over 10 million views and 65,000 likes while being shared tens of thousands of times in its first few weeks online.


Content is about being creative and finding mediums which connect with your consumer on a personal level. Effective branding is not in what you sell but how you sell it. Take American giants Red Bull for example. They haven’t sold a surfboard in their life but when I think of their brand, I think of extreme sports rather their primary product soft drinks. Video is a fresh and different way to produce content which appeals to your audience by focusing on their interests rather than solely on your product. The technology behind the production of video is so advanced that almost anything is possible. It is a fantastic chance to flaunt the creativity of your brand and massively drive traffic to your site. Virgin Atlantic have displayed this creativity perfectly in their newly released answer to the normally dull on-flight safety video.

Video is a platform which allows brands to connect with their audience on a far more appealing level. The chance to inspire people and offer an insight into what your brand is about. With 76% of marketers planning to add video to their content strategy, making it a higher priority than Facebook and Twitter, the time to add video is now. Maybe I should have told you all this in front of a camera!