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Ten Ways to Kill a Snowman3 min read

3 min read

A rundown of some of the best Christmas themed content online this year.

Tis’ the season to be jolly… and also apparently create some awesome content. Around the festive period of the year content marketers and tech savvy designers put their heads together over a couple glasses of sherry and come up with Santa inspired pieces of online awesomeness. Each year there seems to be an unwritten competition between brands to see who can create the best video, graphic or blog to celebrate this merry time of year. Content Manager Iain got in the festive mood the week before the big day and hunted down some of the best Christmas themed content online at the moment. With one hand on the mouse and the other on a glass of bubbles; you’ll have to excuse grammatical blunders.

Of course we have to kick off with Google’s superb Santa Tracker. This year it is as awesome as always which great graphics, loads of cool games and a sure fire way to make your last few days of work speed by. Just don’t let the boss catch you!


Coca-Cola splashed out this year with their intuitive Christmas Sweater Generator. In honour to your Nan’s timeless tacky knitted Christmas jumper, the soft drink giants have given us the chance to design your own online. Choose from hundreds of different patterns and styles and submit to get the chance to win the real thing. Just don’t tell your dear Nan.


Ever wondered what would happen if God himself had a smartphone? How would social media have reacted to the birth of Christ? Perhaps the Three Kings could have performed a quick Google search to find out what myrrh actually is or even use GPS instead of the stars to find their way. This awesome video shows what it may have been like!  #bornistheking

In the offline world, TV has been throwing Christmas adverts us since the end of the summer. The excitement for the 25th has been surpassed by what the new Marks & Spencer advert will be like. This year the supermarkets have pulled out all the stops, with retired singers coming out of the woodwork to perform sad versions of even older classic songs. This year John Lewis turned it up to eleven and came out winners by a country mile. Their Bear and Hare animation pulled on heart strings across the county. Here’s some of the stats from the impact it had on social.

Analysis of Facebook and YouTube between 4 November and 9 December

Total views on YouTubeNumber of new Facebook fans
John Lewis10.3 million27,671
Sainsbury’s660,775 (TV spot) 789,980 (short film)43,257
Marks & Spencer969,342264,279

Source: We Are Social

Lastly this creative piece is something we all think about doing. No matter how much time and effort you put in to carefully crafting a snowman, there is something in all of us that says ‘I must rugby tackle it’. This wintry video runs down the top 10 ways to kill a snowman, all filmed in beautiful slow motion.