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Six Reasons Your Blog Sucks5 min read

5 min read

Ever wondered why your blog is failing? Content Manager, Iain tells us what mistakes you might be making and how to turn it all around.

Every man and his dog has a blog these days; so it can be hard to make yours popular. Have you ever wondered why your blog isn’t creating a storm around the interweb? You could be making one of these mistakes…

You Don’t Post

How often do you post a new blog; once a day, week, month? There are countless ‘dead’ or dying blogs online and it’s a huge reason why your blog could be failing. To efficiently engage with audience you must do exactly that; engage! Posting once a month will not keep your readers coming back. Blogs are a two way street, promote ideas and encourage discussion relevant to your brand.


Quick Fix

Develop your blog schedule. Develop a regular plan and make sure you or your content team stick to it. Begin posting regularly across a variety of different content types. Keep them interested!

Crap Writing

The most common reason your blog sucks, is because your writing does too. Many of us believe with all our heart that we were born to be writers. We envision that readers will flock around us to hear the wisdom that leaves us as the superb wordsmiths we are. Unfortunately my friends, this is not true. Just because you are the CEO of a major brand, does not mean you are Shakespeare. All too often brands will enlist any employee to produce a blog and all too often what they produce can be unstructured, without a focus and all together uninteresting.

Quick Fix

Recruit the powers of a seasoned writer. Someone who knows how to structure a sentence, engage a reader and keep them coming back for more. Big blocks of text are dull and uninviting; include graphics, images and video where possible. Make sure you H1 headings include a keyword and split walls of text into easily readable paragraphs. Remember your blog can be the voice of your brand.

Keywords Keywords Keyords

Nothing says trying too hard like the over use of a keyword. Yes it is important to conduct appropriate keyword research, evaluate what works and include keywords in your text. It is not however, appropriate to use said keyword a thousand times in one blog.

Quick Fix

Use keywords intelligently. Keep up to date with Google and be aware if they change their guidelines. Learn how Hummingbird is effecting your keywords. Ensure your blog is reflecting industry trends instead of producing work just surround a keyword.


No one likes a know it all. Of course your blog is there to build brand awareness, to build a relationship with your consumers. It is not there however to constantly bombard people with your newest product, event or development. Of course it is fine to promote your newest product through the blog, it makes sense to but avoid using it solely for this.

Quick Fix

The beauty of a blog is that it give you a platform to connect with a reader on a personal level. It’s not what you sell but how you sell it. Use topics that appeal to your readers which offer them something of value and something to take away. Include occasional guest blogs to give your consumer a different insight.

Don’t be a Robot

We of course, are all very busy people. Thus the use of social media management tools like Hootsuite and Tweet Deck can be very useful and of course promoting your blog through social is vital. It does become obvious however, when you have jumped forward hundred years and become a robot. Constant repeated tweets, duplicated content, obviously timed tweets and the dreaded ‘News Daily is out, top stories via blah blah blah’ are all sure fire ways to lose followers and readers.

Quick Fix

Using scheduling can be very helpful, but ensure tweets still maintain a level of personality. Vary the content of the tweets, use call to actions and ensure all mentions by followers are always responded to as soon as possible. Make it perfectly obvious it isn’t R2D2 sitting behind you social media team’s desk!

Respect my Authoritahh!

Since Google got their new pet Panda, it has become far more important for content to be credible. The Panda was introduced to get rid of poor, badly written content which placed a greater emphasis on brands producing good content in order to rank well. Google will now produce results with credible content, blogs and articles which are most relevant to a search and from a respected source.


Quick Fix
Google+ is your friend. By including Google Authorship in each blog you produce, automatically gives a lot of credibility to what you are producing. Your blog will be more likely to show up on Google’s SERP and it will also make it far easier for readers to find more of your work.

The blogosphere is always changing and constantly growing and becoming more competitive as it does so. To have a chance of your blog being successful, always make sure you stay on top of current trends and use effective and focused content. Google authorship is vital and can drastically improve your credibility. Take note of our tips and you will be fast on your way to creating a successful blog with a strong reputation.