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How To Get The Most From Content Amplification5 min read

5 min read

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With the increasing amount of noise, it’s difficult for content to build traction. Especially in a space where you aren’t an established authority. There are already a variety of amplification methods to consider to draw traffic and engagement to these campaigns (native advertising, paid social ads, PPC & good old fashion outreach). However, an overlooked area to consider are the steps you can take from the initial conception of the content and before it goes live in order to ensure you give an idea the best chance of resonating within the community you’re looking to get buy-in from.

Making sure the Content Captures a Niche Audience

Too often people overestimate their knowledge on a given topic, or fail to do their research. To truly capture the attention of an established group takes more than a non-distinguishable ‘top 5’ article. Looking at where interests overlap and finding the opportunity to create something truly unique provides an extra angle to a campaign and helps make it stand out.   More importantly these smaller communities aren’t as saturated with existing content and will be more receptive. This will help later with the wider group as you will have built a base and established credibility.[/text_output][text_output]Including Influencers from the Inception of the Idea

Understanding a community takes a lot of research into their habits, their rituals, their colloquialisms and, most importantly, their pain points. It can be particularly difficult if you’re looking to create something of value for an esoteric group – such as online gaming who are notoriously resistant to being marketed to. It’s because of this it’s crucial to harness the input of someone with a voice within this group.

The above video is taken from a series of videos which we undertook for Globehunters with the travel blogger Travelista – who suggested that this format may perform better for travel bloggers.

Even outreaching the initial idea to a handful of influencers and asking for their opinion will provide valuable feedback and give you a proof of concept – which might save you from you wasting your time, effort and budget on something which flops. More often than not these individuals will assist you – it’s something they’re passionate about but with a brand behind you they also understand that it can be mutually beneficial.

Further, these influencers will provide you with the opportunity of sharing this content with their immediate audience of followers – especially if they have a platform for which you can add some ‘exclusivity’ to the content. This can add both credibility to what you’ve created and enticing further interest with the ‘exclusivity’ of the content.

[/text_output][text_output]Repurposing the Content

Firstly, repurposing for various social channels is a must for any piece of content – as it provides more opportunity for people to engage with the content. Each platform is consumed in a unique way and its important that you repurpose the content for the best medium in that channel. For instance you wouldn’t put a rich text resource together as an Instagram post. You might however, put a quote from the article and link to the full piece.

Secondly, ensuring that open graph data is present on the asset ensures that as people share the content on social channels – the piece stands out more and is more likely to be seen and re-shared:

Repurposing a piece of content also provides an opportunity for further reach. For instance if you’re looking to build a resource page, turning this into a presentation for Slideshare, a series of blog posts or an illustrated video covering the topics. If you also repurpose this to a slightly different audience, you also provide more opportunity to capture other audiences with similar interests. For instance if you decided to create an ebook titled “A Guide to SEO and Data Analysis.” After completing the project, you might consider repurposing that content into a white paper. Later on, you could create a blog post for SMBs by adjusting the tone and key points addressed.

Building Anticipation

Often it can be quite difficult to get the buy-in from stakeholders. For instance if you’re creating a resource piece on various moisturisers and their ingredients – create a short-form version of this post in order to test the receptiveness of your idea in order provide those involved with a proof of concept. Perhaps a vine covering the chemical features of one of the ingredients. Those who have liked, linked to or commented on the post you could even outreach to later on once the larger piece is created to let them know that there’s something more valuable on the topic they’re expressly interested in.

If it’s a newer area of interest that you’re looking to build authority in, you could provide value by hosting a few competitions on site or partnering with an influencer. Making a quick landing page with minimal information for users to fill out could provide valuable information (emails) which could be reused at a later date for both directly contacting about the content once it’s live or paid amplification that’s more precise to strengthen your efforts.



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