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Get more out of your Facebook posts – Infographic1 min read

1 min read

get more out of your facebook posts infographic croud australia

Many business owners and marketers understand that having a Facebook account is essential for most organisations today, but don’t know how to effectively target their audience without spending an enormous amount of money. If you have the budget, Facebook ads are a great resource – over two million businesses advertise on Facebook, putting this platform leaps and bounds ahead of other social networks, with 7.75% of global digital advertising revenue in 2014 (second only to Google).

Over 40 million small businesses, not to mention larger businesses and corporations, maintain a presence on Facebook. This means that beyond paid ads, millions of businesses employ social media strategies to increase visibility and engagement through their Facebook pages without spending money. These posts can be equally, if not more, effective. Posting at the right times, crafting enticing headlines, and maintaining a regular posting schedule (without going overboard) can drastically improve your company’s following and post impressions.

Make the most of every Facebook post – increase interactions and views from current or
potential customers with these simple tips:


croud australia facebook tips infographic

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