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How to build the perfect landing page1 min read

1 min read

how to build the perfect landing page infographic croud australia

What exactly is a landing page?

Simply put, it’s a standalone page (hosted on your website but not accessible via the navigation) that is designed to get visitors to take a specific action. This can be anything from subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing an item to registering for an event or clicking to another page.

Have you ever clicked on an ad and been taken to a page, just to leave within seconds? Every day, hundreds of potential leads are going to websites and “bouncing” off because of poor landing page design. Whether it’s because the page doesn’t match the advertising message, there’s too much/not enough information, or a case of poor design, there are a myriad of reasons that customers will exit your page.

On the positive side, there are many things you can do to optimise your landing page and ensure you are creating the most useful, functional and appealing site for your customer. Clearly communicating your unique selling points, displaying appealing images, including testimonials and a strong call to action are all key elements of the ideal landing page.

Still not sure what your landing page should look like? Never fear. Below is a clearly laid-out example of all the key elements of a landing page and how they fit together (plus a few little tips to maximise your SEO). Good luck!

How to build the perfect landing page infographic croud australia

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