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6 new storytelling tools you have to use this year4 min read

4 min read

croud australia new storytelling tools you have to use this year

Content marketing was huge in 2015 and is only set to be bigger in 2016. This will be the year of storytelling, with brands placing even more emphasis on videos, imagery, and customer engagement. More and more, customers are feeling the need to be directly involved with brands and their products, and there is ample opportunity for businesses of all kinds to take advantage of this trend in order to build connections and deepen loyalty. Video content and strong interaction through story creation and collaboration will ultimately deliver long-lasting connections between brands and their audiences.

To help our clients and fellow content marketers get on board with – and more importantly, get ahead of – this 2016 trend, we’ve collected new (and/or underutilised) tools for visual content marketing and storytelling.

6 Tools of the Trade for 2016:

  1. Visme

Visme is still in beta, but we’re very excited about this new platform, which offers users the ability to select from a variety of customisable presentation slides, infographics, and banner ads. Soon to come: wireframes and product demos.

While there is a free version, there are also two low-cost options with big benefits. If this video doesn’t make you want to run around and start building presentations and infographics, we don’t know what will.

  1. Flipagram
    Flipagram is a mobile app that allows you to create, edit and share your brands’ story quickly and easily. Simply select the photos or videos you want to compile, select a song, and you’re ready to share. While Flipagram has been around for a while and gotten some fantastic praise, it remains one of the easiest ways to quickly create highly shareable rich media. This tool is excellent for social media posting and advertising, especially when recapping events, competition entries, and campaigns with high volumes of user-generated content.
  1. Ceros
    Ceros has been around for a while but has undergone some big transitions. This SaaS enables designers to create interactive infographics, ebooks, microsites, and more without the need for developers. The only potential downside here is that while especially tech-savvy marketers may be able to create these things on their own, it’s generally advisable to have a designer with this platform (at least for the initial design).Tip: Croud Australia has an extensive network of designers ready to rock. Get in touch to get started.
    ceros content marketing design tool
  1. Spotout
    Spotout hasn’t officially launched yet, but it is definitely one to keep an eye out for in 2016. Taking FOMO to new extremes, SpotOut has taken a note from Periscope, letting users check-in via Twitter and stream live video footage of their current location and activity. Users select their location and start broadcasting with one click. Once live, Spotout will instantly tweet about the check-in and notify followers, who can then watch and interact via messages and likes on the web or in the app. While this has the potential to be taken to obnoxious extremes by some individuals, it also presents incredible opportunities for brands and businesses to share their stories and connect with current and potential customers.
  1. Latergramme
    2015 brought great things for content marketers, with the release of an API for Instagram scheduling. The downfall: you still can’t fully automate posts on this channel. With roughly five million monthly Australian users in 2015, this channel experienced incredible growth and continues to gain popularity.latergram instagram scheduling tool gives users the ability to upload and schedule Instagram posts from a computer or mobile. In addition to managing multiple accounts (two on the free version, more for paid), you can also search and regram other Instagram posts from Latergramme.The only problem: Instagram still doesn’t allow full automation like other social networks, so you can set up all your scheduling on the desktop platform, and latergramme will send notifications to you on your mobile so you can push posts through at the appropriate times.
  1. Dibz
    Content probably wouldn’t be such a big deal if not for SEO, and link building is arguably one of the most important factors of search marketing. Designed to save SEOs time, this tool allows users to enter simple data relating to their product, client, etc. and takes care of link prospecting, so you can quickly drill down to the most important information and find the links you really want and need. Don’t worry, they have a spam filter already built in.

Get out there and tell your story!

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