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6 Content Focused Chrome Extensions You Need in Your Life5 min read

5 min read

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Any content marketer worth their weight in likes and kudos will no doubt spend a lot of their time flying around the web and Twitterverse. Whether that be perusing competitor content, brand research, social outreach or just trying to look busy, a lot of our time is spent bouncing around a lot of different websites.

Because of this, it’s vital that we make the most of this time and make it as productive as possible. Luckily there are a whole bunch of great Chrome extensions to make life easier. If, on the very off chance you have not yet discovered the wonderful world of extensions, then this will be a real treat. Essentially, Chrome extensions simply plugin to your browser and interact with the data provided on the page you are currently viewing.

Here are some of my favourites that may come in handy for any other budding content marketers out there.


Despite it being slightly ironic that ‘grammarly’ isn’t actually a word, this is a must have for any member of the grammar police. The automated spelling and grammar checker immediately reviews everything you type online. All your errors will light up like a Christmas tree and when you roll over the error a pop-up will appear with correction suggestions. Synonyms are also provided to help you drop in a few big words to make an impression. Plus, just to make sure you stop sending spelling mistakes to clients, Grammarly will also plug into Google Mail. Panic over. 

Grammarly Chrome Plugin

The lovely people at Grammarly will even send you a weekly email letting you know your progress and give tips on how to improve; a great way to learn from your mistakes. Remember kids, ‘lets eat grandma’ or ‘lets eat, grandma’ – commas can save lives!


Riffle is a great little tool that still remains a bit of a secret to someRiffle Chrome Plugin. Riffle is a simple Twitter analytics plugin with some fairly comprehensive results. By clicking on the logo next to each Twitter user, the Riffle dash will slide out and display a range of metrics about the user: number of tweets, followers, links etc.

In addition, Riffle can provide some great stats on the performance of the user. These include:


Average tweets per day

Retweets/tweet ratio

Top URLs

A review of activity

Simple and quick to use, Riffle is a great tool to use when you’re searching for influencers.


If you’re like me and spend a lot of time whizzing around from site to site, discovering a lot of great articles, but don’t always have time to read them, Pocket could be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Pocket allows you to keep the massive amounts of content you find all in one neat, accessible place. Simply by clicking the icon, Pocket will store the page, which will then be accessible cross-device and even offline.

Pocket Chrome Plugin

Check My Links

Despite being built predominately for SEO purposes, Check My Links can also come in really handy for content marketers. Its main purpose is to check for broken links, which are simply highlighted throughout the page. Why do you need to know this I hear you cry? User experience is vital. Why put in a lot of time, effort and cost into a piece of content that breaks down at the first hurdle.

Checkmylinks Chrome plugin

All links you use within your content, be they internal or external should always be working. Broken ones provide a poor user journey and lots of them will have a detrimental affect on ranking. This will be especially important to your link building team, allowing them to spot broken links to your site from external influencers. Links win prizes.


In the social scheduling world, you’re either on team Hootsuite or team Buffer. For me, it has to be Buffer. The easy to use platform allows you to schedule all your social updates across however many platforms you choose

.Buffer Chrome plugin

Buffer supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and rumour has it, it is soon to add Instagram to its arsenal. Even if you have run out of things to post about, Buffer will also provide you with a host of suggestions on a range of different themes.

In addition to being an option on your browser, Buffer also adds a button to some of your social platforms such as Twitter. By selecting to Buffer an update instead, you will then be able to view the performance of the update in Buffers analytics tool.

Tweet Chrome plugin


Seen by many as the Godfather of all things search, Moz is a fantastic tool for any search marketer. Being the pioneer of domain and page authority scores, Moz can give you a real insight into the performance of your site.

Moz Chrome plugin

The MozBar is a great addition to your extension collection. At the click of a button, the MozBar will quickly review a range of SEO elements on your page, including PA, DA, links and basic social performance. Additionally, the bar will highlight all links on the page and display all meta data.

There are two further features of the MozBar in the Google search bar. Firstly, when the extension is active, you will have the extra option to view insights on keyword difficulty that gives you an idea on the competitiveness of your search term.

Furthermore, on Google’s results page, the MozBar will give you a quick insight into each result by displaying the PA, DA and links for each result. Happy days.

Moz 2 Chrome plugin

There they are, a bunch of easy to use tools to make better use of your time.

Don’t forget to pocket this for later…

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