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3 Easy Tips for Successful Blogger Outreach4 min read

4 min read

tips for blogger outreach Croud Australia

Link building is often treated like that naughty friend in school who always got you in trouble and was best to avoid! Whilst black hat link building (link farms, buying links etc.) is always discouraged, the white hat blogger outreach strategy is one that is growing in both popularity and success.

Many of the top SEOs believe that external links are one of the most important ranking factors for any website. This comes from the understanding that external links are some of the most difficult metrics to fake and as such, one of the best ways for search engines to determine the popularity of a given web page.

Blogger outreach is the slow burning game of writing content for your website and contacting relevant people online to ask them to add a link to their site to this content. Sounds simple (and almost a bit boring) but this strategy leads to some high-quality links, lasting relationships with industry experts, as well as brand exposure.

Below are three key tips to nailing your next (or first) outreach project:

Identify Your Key Influencers

Outreach is very much a quality over quantity approach. Successful outreach programs start with thorough research to identify your target online influencers. Perhaps you have an existing relationship with someone who is able to reach out to the influencer on your behalf. Alternatively, you may have to start from scratch and build a relationship from the ground up. If you are completely in the dark about who is best to approach, start with writing down a short list of keywords that are relevant to your business. You can use these keywords to search on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or specialised blog search engines. Once you have a list of influencers, prioritise them based on who you will think will be of most benefit to your business and who will realistically respond to you.

The goal of spending the time identifying your market influencers is ultimately to leverage off their existing success and build your own website’s credibility. Take the time to build a genuine relationship and make your initial approach as personal as possible (this means no mass sending of template emails). It’s all about relationship building and trust!

Ego Baiting

While it is a rather unfortunate and offputting name, ego baiting has become one of the most popular and effective means of link building in recent years. In spite of the negative connotations surrounding the term, it is a well-regarded strategy revolving entirely around creating content with the purpose of attracting a particular person’s attention. The goal is to create content that discusses a certain person’s successes.advanced web rankings tweet croud australia

The key element of a successful ego baiting strategy is selecting the right target. It must be someone relevant, worth writing about and most importantly with a large online reach that you will benefit from. For instance, if you were promoting your Digital Marketing blog, you would write an article listing the top 10 SEOs in your market and their successes. You can then reach out to these SEOs and encourage them to share links to your article – which is much easier when you have spoken so favourably about them. There is an undeniable degree of reciprocity in ego baiting: the subject gets a positive profile online that ‘boosts their ego’ and you get a quality link to your site.

Ultimately, when correctly executed, ego baiting is a mutually beneficial agreement.

Create valuable and creative content

This is the most crucial step when trying to develop an outreach strategy that will be successful. You must create content that is compelling and inspires viral sharing and natural links. We really are at the mercy of other people when it comes to blogger outreach. Therefore, if you approach an influencer with a unique and creative infographic or an in-depth tips style article with a valuable takeaway, you are far more likely to peak their interest and convince them to link to your site.

We know it can be nerve racking to approach strangers and ask them to promote your business, but these tactics will make it much easier to achieve successful results from blogger outreach.

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