Market Insights: Azerbaijan

In the latest from Croud’s Market Insights, we take a look at marketing in Azerbaijan; exploring the use of digital marketing and sharing the key dates for your diary. This insights report was collated with direction from Azerbaijani Croudies on the network.

Languages spoken

The official language is Azerbaijani, with Russian and English as second and third languages. (Russian is an extra advantage in the marketing sector, with English becoming more increasingly used in the marketing, oil and tourism sectors).

Important dates in Azerbaijan

The normal working week is 9:00am till 6:00pm, Monday to Friday (Monday to Saturday for the hospitality sector), 1-2pm lunch break.

Digital Marketing: Azerbaijan

The majority of people use a variety of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to show their products and services. Facebook ads feature in both Azerbaijani and Russian along with email and content marketing in all languages.

Most predominantly used Search Engines:

  • Google (PPC Ads not currently supported)
  • Yandex (For Russian speaking market)

Display Advertising, Affiliate marketing and social media influencers are the most used types of marketing.

Business in: Azerbaijan

This next section covers some of the expected business attitude conventions that exist in Azerbaijan.

  • People prefer to close deals in person, paying in cash.
  • Titles are extremely important and are a sensitive subject.
  • Some people are pushy when it comes to getting replies and can often amend requests at the last minute. With people respecting hierarchy and higher management, it is expected that most decision making and deal closures depend on managers.
  • Employees are loyal to companies.
  • It is important to build strong relationships with your customers. In Azerbaijan you have to be very true to your clients because some business is done through recommendations.

Interesting Facts

  • Over 96% of the population identifies as Muslim.
  • Life expectancy for men is 63.2 and 72 for women.
  • There are more than 100,000 people living mainly in Baku who have immigrated to Azerbaijan from various countries including Turkey, Russia, US, UK, Italy and Iran.

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*All opinions are directly from the experiences of the Croudies.

by Croud
15 January 2019



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