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Double 11: Three blunders to avoid this shopping season

This year will mark the 14th year of China’s biggest shopping festival, ‘Double 11’. Since its inception in 2009 by…

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Paid search: Collaborating effectively with machines

More than ever before, success within digital marketing and paid search in particular, requires an honest evaluation of where human…

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Aligning global strategy through strategic insights 

In the digital age, business knows no borders. Or does it? In the quest to succeed in new markets, many…

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The top five things your website checkout should do

With ecommerce rapidly growing in popularity, most shoppers have become familiar with the online checkout process. However, sometimes a brand’s…

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A guide to understanding defensive SEO

Picture this – you’ve spent the better part of a few months working on a new site migration. You’ve created…

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Understanding CTV data and measurement

Last month, we kicked off our connected TV (CTV) blog series by diving into how CTV has developed into the…

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Media planning: Traditional media vs. new media

Marketers have a handful of options when it comes to planning media. While we have the core channels – online…

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Is Shopify Audiences every marketer’s dream?

Shopify recently came up with a solution to help marketers maintain and grow their brand, and drive efficient acquisition in…

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How to grab attention in five seconds

Every media interaction we have with consumers is underpinned by how well we can first capture our audience’s attention. To…

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It’s a no for dynamic rendering. Solution? Progressive enhancement

Investigating the benefits of progressive enhancement with regards to search engine optimisation (SEO). On the 10th of August, 2022, Google…

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Hyperoptic appoints Croud to scale brand presence

UK-based broadband provider, Hyperoptic, has appointed Croud to scale brand presence. Hyperoptic specialise in hyperfast broadband and are uniquely positioned…

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Equifax appoints Croud as UK agency partner

The agency will be focused on promoting Equifax’s new and improved ‘Renaissance’ product. We are pleased to share that Equifax,…

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