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No such thing as a great agency.
Just great people in agencies.

Croud's founders came together from different sides of the same industry - one worked at Google and the other at a digital performance agency.

They both saw first hand the incredible work that agencies could deliver for clients, but always came back to one key problem. Even the most talented people were often unable to perform to the best of their abilities in a traditional agency environment. There is often:

Insufficient time and manpower to complete jobs to the desired standard

Too much time spent doing essential but repetitive tasks

Lack of transparency on issues ranging from hidden costs to work actually being done for a client

And as a result...

The best talent would get frustrated and leave, leading to inconsistency for clients and, in turn, poor performance

The Croud Model

The Croud model provides an alternative way of working, which has led to what we believe to be the most creative, innovative and motivated team in the world. This is down to the fact that our network completes the essential but repetitive work on accounts, leaving our team to do what they think will achieve the highest ROI.

The safety of working for Google or a large network agency is nice, but nothing gets close to the drive and ambition that working for a company like Croud gives you.

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