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Strategy & planning.

Great performance starts with great planning

Great media planning means more clarity, faster learnings and better results. But with consumer behaviour changing constantly, it’s becoming more difficult than ever to know where you should be directing your media budget, and who you should be aiming to reach.

Old decision-making models are being challenged by emerging channels, new social platforms and the continued growth of eCommerce. Because of that, it’s more important than ever for your agency to place the customer at the heart of their approach to media strategy.

Our approach


Our approach to planning is based on two central elements: your audience, and your objectives. With those in mind, we create plans that will deliver the best possible performance against a clear set of KPIs, all closely linked to meaningful business outcomes.


We don’t plan in isolation – we collaborate closely with channel experts and measurement specialists to ensure that all of our plans feature the most advanced, rigorously tested tactics.


We also use a combination of first- and third-party data signals to maintain a balance between the nuances of your business and macro factors.

The Croud difference

Our Planning team can help to craft and interrogate briefs to get the very best out of your media, and act as your go-to person for campaign questions and multi-channel performance analysis.

Our Planning framework gives us the flexibility to dynamically replan based on changes in performance, moving budget between markets, audience segments and channels as data becomes available.

Our capabilities

Media planning

Not just a spreadsheet for sign-off, the media plan is where all of your investment decisions are made – and we think great planning leads to great performance.

Performance forecasting

Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We can help you to forecast long-term digital growth, or the impact of external factors on your performance.

Market budget setting

We deliver market sizing, growth forecasting and media analysis to power your global go-to-market strategy.

Brief responses

From writing briefs to interrogating them on your behalf. The brief is the main point of reference for any campaign, so it needs to be clear, consistent and suitably ambitious.

Platform insights

Working closely with media owners means we’re clear on the right partners for the job. All of our plan recommendations are based on the latest industry insight and developments.

Customer journey mapping

Audience-first planning means considering every touchpoint. We work with you to identify how it can be optimised.

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