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Market, competitor and audience insights to give you a competitive edge

Monitoring changes across markets, verticals and competitor activity is crucial for spotting opportunities to drive growth. We know that’s a big ask for marketers – so we do it for you.

Think you know your customers? Croud can help you to understand who your audience is, where they are and how you can reach them online to maximise your media performance. Audience insight powers media planning, and gives you a competitive edge in the constantly evolving world of digital.

Our approach


We use a range of leading insights tools to gather data on everything from site traffic and app downloads, to ad creative and customer journeys. 


We investigate any macro shifts in consumer behaviour or emerging trends influencing competitor activity, giving you a clear view of your market and detailed recommendations for your media strategy.


We also use a mix of first- and third-party data to put together a 360° picture of your customer, complete with their demographic information, media usage, brand affinities and perceptions.


We then work closely with our channel experts to translate that insight into market-leading channels, content and creative plans.

The Croud difference

Our Croudie network gives us access to localised insights from in-market digital experts. We work closely with your channel experts to ensure that all of our recommendations translate into actionable test and learn plans, meaning that you can rapidly turn insight into performance gains.

We’re also constantly reviewing and scoring the best insights tools on the market, which gives us access to the best possible data. Looking for ongoing competitor, market or audience tracking? Our analysts and planners will work closely with you to track the metrics that are key to your business over time.

Our capabilities

Market sizing & growth

International expansion can be key for growth. We compare international markets for their size, relative growth rates and digital media opportunities.

Competitive landscape

Keep track of how your offering stacks up against the competition. We map all of your competitor products and propositions, giving you a view of customer journeys and conversion funnels.

Market trends

Stay on top of the latest trends in your sector. Croud work with industry experts to surface the most relevant changes in consumer & brand behaviour for you.

Traffic benchmarking

Our analysis allows you to quickly spot and react to changing patterns of competitor or category traffic.

Competitor discovery

Don’t let emerging competitors erode your market share. We run regular competitor discovery to identify and tier all of the brands in your category.

Creative & performance analysis

Get detailed insight into the campaigns running across your competitive set, complete with actionable recommendations.

Audience sizing

Using a persona as a starting point, we can size your audience in different countries to show your addressable market.

Media usage

Our planning is audience-first, not channel-first. Understanding the media your audience engages with gives us powerful insight into how to reach them.

Attitudes & preferences

Analysing how your audience perceive brands, advertising and the world around them helps us to inform your creative and content strategy.

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