Campaign Manager.

Create, measure, and optimise campaigns at scale

Campaign Manager is the core tracking, ad serving and execution hub for the Google Marketing Platform.

  • Store all of your creative in one place
  • Get unified channel attribution reporting for one version of the truth
  • Use streamlined workflows to plan, execute and evaluate with ease
  • Implement floodlights and unified tracking to use real-time data to target your audience as accurately as possible.

Our approach

We understand the importance of a connected data strategy so you maximise your return on investment. We can help set up the right foundation with Campaign Manager so you can easily integrate your tracking across the Google Marketing Platform products, and effectively evaluate cross-channel performance.

How we help

Self-serve tech

Already an experienced user? If so, we can grant you access and get you up and running quickly.

Initial set-up

Our implementation team can set you up for success ensuring you have the optimal, future-proof set-up you need.


Get Floodlight tagging structure reviews to ensure tracking is working correctly for seamless integration across Google Marketing Platform products.


Get bespoke training sessions for your team or ad hoc advice on how to get the most out of the platform.


We provide tracking and tagging consultancy with dataLayer guides and tagging matrices, ensuring tags adhere to GDPR guidelines.


Benefit from multi-channel custom measurement frameworks, executive dashboards and data visualisations.

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