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Data management & integration.

Put your data to work, and realise its potential

Advanced ad platform tools and automations are available to everyone. Third-party data for audiences and measurement is increasingly fuzzy. The competitive edge for advertisers has now become how well you apply the data that you control.

Croud will work with you to integrate first-party data with your ad tech platforms, for insight, targeting, bidding and optimisation. New performance metrics can be based on profit (not revenue) or on otherwise unavailable customer and product segmentations. Data about both the online and offline customer experiences can be united and harmonised.

Our approach


In delivering advanced solutions, we’ll support you through a journey of increasing sophistication, starting with the easiest, biggest-impact actions. Those might be native platform integrations; then later we could be integrating bespoke predictive models, or first-party data from proprietary systems.  


We’re wizards with BigQuery, and we can configure automated data orchestration pipelines. We code functions for extracting, transforming and loading data, and we deploy to cloud platforms.


The work belongs to you, and our solutions don’t store data unless it’s a requirement. We design and build for data protection compliance.

The Croud difference

Data is only as valuable as your ability to activate it, and Croud is an independent advertising business, with broad, market-leading expertise. Our solutions are for real-world effectiveness. We’re also marketing data natives: we know the practical meaning and application of every feature in your marketing data.

We know what we’re looking at, so we work faster, without mistaking data points. Croud’s unique Network of talent makes us faster too. Thanks to the scale and skills in the Network, fixes for any data collection flaws are deployed rapidly.

Our areas of expertise

First-party data integration

It’s the future of digital marketing. We build customer-centric data platforms, and connect business data to ad tech.

Profit-based bidding

Businesses seek profit, but most digital activity targets revenue. Limited data integration can enable targeting, bidding and optimisation for profit.

Customer data platforms

Your customer relationships are a unique asset. We unify business data, centring it on customer records, creating a business-wide resource.

Offline data integration

We integrate data about offline behaviours, preventing flaws in the measure of digital campaigns, and the view of customers.

Ads Data Hub (ADH)

Connecting with first-party data, ADH is key to privacy-safe insight and audience building. It’s technical, but we’re ready to help.

Data ownership

Agencies shouldn’t own client data; and advertisers should control personal data. Buy your own Cloud and Marketing tech from Croud.

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