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Increasing traffic and visibility through unique content - at scale

Struggling to generate unique content at scale?

If you have multiple locations or myriad SKUs, producing unique, engaging content for every page can be a challenge.

We know that this is especially difficult for sites in markets where listings and locations are automatically generated, especially if you are up against smaller competitors who can focus on creating lots of content for their smaller product offering.

But we also know that the gains from having in-depth pages can be very large - one of our clients saw a 113% increase in sessions to pages when we updated their city copy.

The Croud model

Due to our unique model, we are able to offer landing page creation at scale, in a cost-effective way, which delivers impressive results for our SEO clients. One of our largest property clients manages over 3,000 locations spread across the globe, which means they have automatically generated city, product, and location pages, which can cause issues with search engines seeing them as having little to no unique content. We use our network of on-demand digital experts known as Croudies who are accessible through our proprietary technology, to update these pages at scale based on business impact.

Our Approach

We use a team of writers, sourced due to their industry experience, who are provided with brand guidelines and tested within our environment to create the copy. Then we work with experienced editors to act as QA on two levels, plus SEO experts to provide on-page optimisation recommendations, before a final layer of QA from our in-house team. This whole process has been designed to be run via templates in just a few clicks, and come back with copy the client can sign off without any amendments.

For one client in particular, we are currently producing the following, on time and to a high standard, in a month:

icon - media planning

280 long form pieces of content

content calendar icon

320 short form pieces of content

Delivering 1,000+ landing pages for Virgin Trains

We also used our network in collaboration with our in-house technical teams to deliver a similar project for Virgin Trains. Using their internal feeds to build pages with dynamic content, and a tiering system to dictate which pages needed unique copy, and how much of each, we have been able to create over 1,000 landing pages that target popular train time destination queries. These pages have generated twice our yearly SEO retainer in just three months through organic search.

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