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Programmatic display

Obsessed with Programmatic, and laser focused on driving business value

We help you drive measurable business value through digital

Whether you’re looking to attract and engage new customers, or build incremental revenue through clever remarketing, we’ve got the best people with the right experience to deliver your needs. 

Programmatic can be a complex space. At Croud we aim to break down the components that make up programmatic media buying, to ensure you understand how it works, and more importantly how it can be used effectively to add value to your marketing objectives.  Without all of the jargon, and with as few acronyms as possible.

We work through buying platforms and across formats – from display banners to native and video.  We interpret detailed auction models used by exchange and inventory partners in order to create bespoke and insight-led bidding strategies.  It’s also key for us to integrate with audience and creative platforms for dynamic, relevant messaging, all openly and transparently, giving Croud the competitive advantage to bring success to our programmatic campaigns.

It’s critical personalised creative is a key part in your media planning and activation strategy. We can help with engaging and placement specific ad design and creation, creative rotation, and multi-variant targeting and testing, in order to get the maximum value from your media budget.

Croud continues to stay at the forefront of the programmatic ecosystem; regularly evaluating the best tech providers and media partners on behalf of our clients.  And how we communicate and disclose what we do is open, clear and transparent.

How we can help your business?

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Performance experts

Not all impressions are created equally, and we understand that programmatic is about buying audiences, not just cheap impressions.

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Tech Agnostic

Our programmatic team are tech agnostic, so we can always develop the approach that best suits client needs, without having to work within the constraints of one tech platform.

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Full Funnel

We’re able to run a hugely diverse range of full funnel strategies -from high impact campaigns, to dynamic and cross-device remarketing, to new customer acquisition, video and mobile.

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Premium Partnerships

We don’t just work with anybody, we select only the best partners to run the most efficient campaigns.

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Reporting and Insights

Data is great, but what use is it without actionable insights? We always look for the “So what?” alongside our data, and provide cross-channel analysis and insights, as well as bespoke reporting dashboards

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Our Network

Our network experts help us to optimise, report and constantly add value. With a range of skills and experience, we’re also able to develop relevant and eye-catching creative too.

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