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Creative Intelligence

Data-driven creative design & predictive pre-testing

Peak creative performance

Croud Creative Intelligence tells you how to design new creative assets for display. Our statistical modelling maximises performance for a specific brand, market, audience tactic and KPI. The pre-testing feature predicts the winner from a new creative without needing to launch them.

Powered by machine learning

Croud’s Creative Intelligence product uses machine learning-powered visual recognition to codify the visual traits of all the creative across your programmatic campaigns. We generate data for size, colours, copy, layout, imagery and more. From animated assets, including HTML5, we collect data for the pace of movement and the time that a call to action appears.

The data about each creative’s visual traits are combined with its performance data, with data for targeting and other campaign configuration. ML-powered modelling then reveals the contribution to performance made by every visual detail of your display creatives.

The results of the modelling are presented in an interactive web interface, and in the same interface, you’re able to generate the ‘perfect spec’ for a new creative given a set of the brand, market, audience tactic and KPI parameters. Our ongoing service keeps the dataset up-to-date and supports our clients with troubleshooting and advice on interpreting the data.

The Croud difference

Unique in the market

Croud has taken on the complex challenge of programmatic display creative. No agency or tech vendor is offering this product and service for animated display creative.

A powerful methodology

Our approach incorporates campaign configuration data and controls for campaign variables. The result is total insight into creative design details.

Flexible and customised

Creative Intelligence covers all creative variants across all DV360 campaigns, including animation. We build custom ML models, for each client’s unique imagery and branding.

Proof it works

We redesigned poor-performing creatives according to the direction given by Croud's Creative Intelligence tool. The test campaign delivered impressive uplifts in click-through rate (CTR), and was recognised for Most Effective Use of Data for Creativity by The Drum.


increase in banner CTR


increase in skyscraper CTR


99% confidence in results

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