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Unlocking the business value of your data

Your competitive edge

The way you use first-party data is your edge over the competition. The value of data grows when it’s unified and made ready for activation. Croud can help you to draw your data together, build it into predictive models, connect it with your ad platforms, and realise its full value.

The Croud difference

True activation experts

Your data is only as valuable as your ability to activate it. Croud is an advertising business. Our data solutions are designed for real-world marketing effectiveness.

Marketing data natives

Data science relies on really knowing what you’re looking at. As digital experts, Croud knows the practical meaning of each feature in your marketing data. We build effective models faster.

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We fix problems faster

Croud’s Network of digital experts is a unique resource. If we discover data collection issues, the scale and diverse skills in the Network allow us to deploy fixes rapidly.

An independent position

Croud can very comfortably occupy an independent position among your agencies and consultancies. We’re independently owned, and free from obligation to network agencies or media partners.

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We can keep it simple

Digital services – especially advanced data ones – come with jargon, and technical experts often complicate things. Croud’s consultants can talk to the C-suite (and to the dev team).

We understand agencies

Data solutions implemented by consultancies fail when they’re not designed for both client and agency. Croud understands the reality of agencies. Our solutions are designed for you and your partners.

Our areas of expertise


First-party data integration

The competitive edge in advertising is now how you use first-party data. Croud can connect business data to marketing platforms, and draw systems together into a single customer data platform.

Profit-based bidding

Most businesses aim to grow profit, but most digital campaigns are optimised for revenue. With limited access to your business data, we can focus targeting, bidding and optimisation on profit.

LTV analysis & prediction

A single transaction can misrepresent acquisition value: true value is in the loyalty of repeat custom. Croud analyses customer LTV, and builds LTV prediction models for targeting, bidding, and optimisation.

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Propensity modelling

Croud can help you know how a user will behave, what they’ll buy, or what they’ll add to their basket next. It’ll power on-site personalisation, product recommendations, and remarketing activity.

Creative Intelligence

Our proprietary Creative Intelligence tool directs the design of Display assets. Recommendations are specific to brand, market, and audience tactic. It also predicts the performance of new creative before launch.


Data protection

It matters what data you process, and how it’s stored and accessed. Croud can ensure that you’re in full control of your data, and help you implement data protection compliance.

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