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Scottish Friendly

Over 10,000 views and a 237% increase in visibility

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 The Challenge

Scottish Friendly needed to drastically increase their visibility following a hit from a 2015 Google algorithm update. This necessitated tackling all aspects of the site, from technical SEO through to link building.

The Croud Difference

  • With a pending site migration, Croud was limited by the number of changes we’d be able to implement, particularly with regards to content creation.
  • As a result, we needed to think outside the box in order to get coverage and encourage influencers to engage with a finance brand. Croud created a targeted campaign together with mummy and lifestyle bloggers, highlighting ways of having a fun family day out or ‘staycation’ on a budget, and then putting the additional money into savings.
  • This directly aligned with Scottish Friendly’s messaging on the benefits of saving, no matter how little or how much that might be.

The Results

A combination of technical implementation, on-page optimisation, and content campaigns enabled us to deliver excellent results for Scottish Friendly. Overall visibility dramatically increased by 273% and ranking positions for key terms have moved onto page one. 

The 'Dithering' campaign devised by Croud really opened up our eyes at Scottish Friendly as to what a fun piece of research, but with a message at its heart, could do. Given the campaign's take-up by the media, they certainly judged that it touched the zeitgeist of the nation.

Calum Bennie, Communications Manager, Scottish Friendly

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