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Science in Sport

Breaking into the Australian market

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The Challenge

Science in Sport (SiS) is the UK’s leading endurance nutrition company, with 25 years’ experience under their belt. The retailer was looking to expand into new markets in order to drive growth. When making the decision to launch into the Australian market, they were in need of a digital partner to help them stand out and be a comprehensive brand in the digital space.

The Croud difference

Leveraging Croud’s experienced in-house strategists and unique network of on-demand digital experts (our Croudies), we worked closely with SiS to build a digital strategy specifically for Australia, in order to drive growth.

  • Croud excelled in building out and delivering a successful paid search strategy, as well as driving SEO and content marketing
  • Croud’s focus on testing allowed us to quickly distinguish between the things that worked well and to drop the things that didn’t
  • Our extensive experience at all levels, across a vast variety of platforms allowed us to meet the client’s digital needs

The Next Steps

  • SiS is developing a strategy for the Asia-Pacific region and Croud will be a big part of the process and will be instrumental in steering the launch. Croud will arm SiS with cultural insights and the local touch, as well as providing insight into paid search, SEO, and content marketing for those regions.
  • As SiS grows, so will their relationship with Croud.
In the future I see the relationship growing with need to focus on the big wins and Croud's been really helpful for us in terms of focussing on that and delivering the big wins.

Steve Irvin, GM, Science in Sport

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