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Moss Bros

Delivering the UK's best shopping campaign

Our results

the challenge

Moss Bros had a feed that did not have comprehensive product coverage, had incomplete categorisation, insufficient attributes per product, and no tailored bid adjustments. The general crux was their shopping campaigns did not capitalize on the latest advancements in the product.


Croud developed 3 campaigns focused around product profitability. Breaking down by profitability, margin and catch all to account for the wide array of products.

The key focus was:

  • In line with Google best practice
  • Each product was categorised by type > brand > item
  • Each individual item has it’s own bid
  • Added Google merchant promotions


  • We achieved a score of 95% on Google’s campaign review. The strongest score of any shopping campaign reviewed across top UK agencies in 2016
  • Implementing customer match for Shopping drove a 114% better conversion rate for the users we knew something about
  • Moss Bros saw a 7% increase in conversions, and a 27% increase in revenue

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