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Valentine's Day: Targeting Men on Mobile

Our results


Croud were tasked with maximizing Interflora’s orders in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, particularly focusing on men searching for flowers on mobile devices. In a landscape with increasing channel complexity, competition, and growing CPCs, an audience-focused strategy was required to cut through the noise. 


Using a smart combination of audience – targeting based entirely on performance, we were able to drive efficiencies to budgets. By then channeling those budgets into the most effective areas, we drove the incremental volume in conversions.


  • Reviewed the previous year’s Valentine’s Day campaign performance on an hourly basis
  • Made regular bid adjustments across gender and mobile device modifiers in order to increase our bids for this market
  • Capitalised on all queries and opportunities at key times of the day
  • Took advantage of the potential of higher conversion rates in the few days before Valentine’s day


  • 800% uplift in orders from men on mobile devices
  • Croud was able to drive 19.7% of overall non-brand orders
  • The overall CPO for men on mobile devices was 10% lower than the average non-­brand order, demonstrating real growth as well as efficiency

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