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Find My Past

Using bid modifiers to increase conversion

Our results

The Challenge

Having worked cross-channel on Find My Past for the past few years, we were confident in our ability to meet and exceed the client’s objectives. This required close monitoring of the account, and a constant review of tactics.

When we started to see high cost-per-acquisition (CPAs) creeping in across specific locations and at certain times of day, we knew we couldn’t afford to miss out on engaging with these users at the right time – and the answer came in the form of a tried-and-tested PPC technique – bid modifiers.

The Croud Difference

In August 2017, the new bid adjustment feature (key to PPC optimisations) became available to programmatic, and Croud jumped at the opportunity and began testing the feature on the day of its release.

Having access to this, and using it in conjunction with Display and Video 360, meant that we were able to target and de-target, as well as having the option to see day and time parting, site black and whitelists, audiences, and geo-locations. This meant that we had full autonomy programmatically, and were able to distinguish who, what, where, and when we wanted to target.

To make practical and effective use of the new Display and Video 360 bid multiplier feature we:

  • Tested first in small markets, applying bid modifiers on the best and worst performing sites in Ireland
  • Applied a geo-location multiplier to larger markets. Australia’s bids were halved for Sydney and the Gold Coast
  • Refined bid modifiers to city level in the UK, increasing bids across large cities with strong CPAs and lowering those in poor-performing cities

The Results

  • Ireland’s bid multipliers on site: Doubling our bid on saw a 433% increase in conversions, with CPA decreasing by 37%
  • UK’s geo multipliers: London had a 1.5 bid multiplier applied, which led to a 26% decrease in CPA
  • Australia’s geo multipliers: Having down-weighted bids on poor-performing areas, we saw CPA decrease by 44% overall with the new efficiency, with some areas performing even better – the Gold Coast’s CPA decreased by 88%

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