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Credit Savvy

Monthly sign-ups increased by 100%

Our results

The Challenge

In 2017, Credit Savvy, the financial technology business whose aim is to provide consumers with a fresh and innovative way to approach personal finance, was looking to boost sign-ups whilst keeping within a maximum CPA.

Credit Savvy therefore appointed Croud as their Paid Search agency to assist with lead generation and boost the number of people signing up for Credit Savvy’s services.  The campaign has significantly improved the client’s competitiveness in the market and the account is well positioned to take advantage of the growing awareness of credit scoring in Australia.


The Croud Difference

    • Croud conducted a deep-dive analysis of the market, identifying the key target audience for the campaign
    • Developed a location targeting campaign to further push campaign visibility in Victoria
    • Focused efforts on increasing rankings for priority high-volume keywords
    • Used Croud’s proprietary technology, Croud Control, to carry out real-time analysis and continuously adapt and optimise the campaign

Credit Savvy Croud

The Results

    • Monthly sign-ups increased by 100%, from an average of 2,500 per month to more than 5,000
    • Croud received a huge increase in rankings for keywords selected
    • Over the course of a ten-week trial, Croud drove an additional 1,464 conversions
    • Off the back of the campaign, Credit Savvy achieved 15x more clicks and 19x more conversions

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