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Cambridge Satchel Company

Rolling out international market success

Our results

the challenge

Using Facebook Advertising, Cambridge Satchel Company wanted to expand their brand at a profitable ROI. Starting with the US and UK, developing quickly to AU, CA and TW and trialling CN, HK and SK. This all needed to be achieved across 8 countries in the local language.

The Croud difference

  • Demonstrate a positive impact on ROAS
  • Understand the impact on both Facebook and GA attribution models
  • Keep CPA at the optimum range to ensure profitability across all countries


  • Croud implemented 2 different strategies, optimised for reach and conversions
  • These were rolled out across the 8 countries already activated and we launched 4 new countries in Asia
  • As a result, Croud obtained 879 brand new customers from prospecting 
  • And a 38% increase in ROI in the first 8 weeks

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