A retail centric way to manage your search campaigns.

Retailers are always looking for smarter, faster and more efficient ways of selling their products and that’s why feed management and shopping campaigns are such powerful tools.

Croud use a mix of technology, technical nous and a network of expert optimizers to deliver one of the best fully managed shopping services on the market today.










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Just “having” a feed won’t cut it. Shopping has become an instrumental part of every retail brands marketing arsenal but quality of data feeds still remain a problem. Issues that face marketers are:

  • Lack of dev resources to carry out product feed creation / always bumped to the back to the line
  • 3rd party sites (magento, demandware etc) feeds are not tailored to Google requirements
  • Product feed isn’t customized with google product taxonomy in mind

Croud uses tools to automate structural data extraction and quickly deliver reliable and comprehensive data from your website. Enabling your data feed to be updated daily with stock, size and price data to ensure your shopping campaigns are always ready to go.


Your product data is the new ad copy. Croud use a mix of highly skilled shopping campaign managers, editorial teams and technology to A/B test your product data. Improving relevancy, proposition and traffic. Croud will:

  • Optimise product data, providing greater control over visibility, performance and costs
  • Edit product details like name, price, product page URL, product image URL, description, category and more
  • Generate unique keyword content for your Product listing Ads
  • Optimizing product titles within the product feed can have a huge impact on traffic volume
  • Rewriting titles also allows traffic to be directed to certain products more effectively

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Manage your campaigns like your retail store.

Google’s advancement in their shopping product means Croud can split out your products into granular, tightly defined ad groups and product targets to ensure maximum control over bidding across your stock. Essentially Croud will:

  • Manage your digital campaigns like you would manage your store by segmenting ad groups at a granular level to adjust bids. Effectively pushing product to the front of the store
  • Push items forward that are flying off the shelves or deliver greater margin
  • Exclude items that aren’t relevant or out of season e.g ‘waterproof cycling gloves’
  • Deliver promotional or sale messaging within the ad unit
  • Use campaign priority settings to segment brand and non brand, generic or product brands


Link strategy to product with inventory-aware campaigns.

Once you’ve got a quality product feed and optimized bidding within the shopping platform it’s time to take it up a level. Inventory managed campaigns is designed to automate campaign management and be even more dynamic.

  • Applying changes to search campaigns based on inventory levels
  • Auto updating your ads based on price, descriptions or landing pages in the feed
  • Auto pause keywords relating to out of stock products
  • Scale campaigns quickly when new products / new season ranges are added
  • Drive revenue through long-tail keyword expansion
  • Evaluate and update campaigns multiple times throughout the day

We know how important product freshness is to retailers and therefore having a solution which delivers your best selling products online quickly, understands product lifecycles and stock is key to scalability.

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We understand retail. From stock management to factoring in returns and this insight is always integrated with our acquisition strategies

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Everything we do has genuine purpose: we enable better decisions and actions

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The people at Croud really care more: we each own a piece of the agency