Maximize sales, grow your brand and beat the competition

As a brand or retailer, standing out online is imperative. Search engine shopping campaigns provide one way to be top of mind when customers are browsing online for your products. Get them right, and they can help to grow your brand and drive profitable sales. Croud’s ecommerce experts are at the forefront of the latest shopping innovations, and can help you to get the most out of your campaigns.

Our approach encompasses start-to-finish optimization of product listing ads, from back end to front end, constantly evolving through testing and learning. Given its vital importance, we regularly test all aspects of your feed, to ensure optimal visibility and performance, as well as making ongoing improvements based on best practice. We also strategically map out campaign structure, ensuring it’s tailored to your goals. Our experienced team also continuously evolves bidding strategies, optimizations and products, ensuring your account is kept up to date with the latest engine developments.

Our areas of expertise

Shopping strategy

Get set up for success – our team will develop a strategically-focused campaign structure and ensure your shopping campaigns slot perfectly around other channels.

Shopping account management

We’ll manage your campaigns and feed optimization, as well as resolving any issues and reporting the metrics that matter. Plus you can use our comparison shopping services.

Feed management

We can advise on the best feed management providers for your business, as well as optimizing all aspects of your feed, product types and Google Product categories.

Test & learn approach

We adopt a continual testing approach across all areas of activity, to ensure optimal performance – using multivariate or A/B testing depending on the platform.

Standard Shopping

We build, test and evolve custom structures, using a product and query led approach that ensures the best outcome for each auction – always tied back to your business objectives.

Smart Shopping

Boost performance with Smart Shopping campaigns – we can leverage features such as New Customer Acquisition or Target ROAS to drive the right traffic mix for your goals.

Other ad types

From TrueView for Shopping ads on YouTube and inventory managed campaigns to unpaid shopping listings and local inventory ads – we’re experts in helping you drive results across formats.

Automation & technology

See the metrics that matter to you thanks to our reporting & data visualization team. Plus we leverage automation and the best third-party technologies to drive results at scale.

Request your free Shopping audit

Why not kick things off with our best practice campaign and feed optimization audit? It gives a comprehensive view on your current setup and performance, giving you a clear roadmap to success. Simply complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.