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Reporting & data visualization.

Building intuitive reports and dashboards that drive business decisions

As more digital channels are added into your media mix, it can quickly become overwhelming – difficult to determine what’s working and how you’re performing overall. At the same time, different stakeholders need to be able to easily see the data that matters to them in order to make truly data-driven decisions.

A smart, tailored approach to dashboards and reporting can help your business to digest and interpret data with ease, helping to solve business problems, and freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

Our approach


Croud’s experienced Data Visualization team works closely with our channel experts to really understand what your business objectives are, and how reporting and insights can help you to meet these.


We build and maintain beautiful, meaningful dashboards that will not only become an indispensable resource for your business, but also help to inform critical marketing and business decisions.


Each solution is tailored to your needs, and we’ll ensure your reports and dashboards continue to answer the questions that matter to you.

The Croud difference

Croud is the UK’s first independent agency to achieve Datorama Certified Partner status and our team of expert analysts have a combined 30+ years’ experience across a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, hospitality, and travel.

So we’re well positioned to build solutions that work for you and your business, providing you with the highest level of service and impartial guidance on all aspects of your data visualization and reporting strategy – from initial setup to ongoing advice and consulting.

Our capabilities

Data strategy

We’ll review your current reporting setup and create a tailored onboarding plan, so you can get more out of your data.

Setup & harmonization

We’ll bring together your various data sources into one cohesive, consistent data set, and feed it into the Datorama platform.

Tailored reporting setup

See the data that matters to you – we’ll work with you to ensure reports and dashboards align with your business goals.

Health checks & audits

Streamline your data – we’ll conduct full account audits and show you how to streamline processes and drive automation.

Full implementation

Get an end-to-end reporting solution – as a Datorama Certified Partner, Croud works with you to create a tailored reporting solution.

Support & guidance

Get continuous support from the Croud team for all of your reporting and data visualization needs.

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