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Data solutions.

Collect, control, integrate, analyze and model – for an edge over the competition

The unique way you apply your data is increasingly your sharpest edge over the competition. Clean, complete, carefully-planned data collection, processing and reporting, means better quality, clearer measurement; and better decisions.

Integrated data systems enable the automation, audience definitions and predictive metrics that will take your marketing efficiency and effectiveness to a new level.

Our capabilities

Analytics & measurement

Making sure you have accurate, quality data in your analytics stack develops the insights required to optimize your customers’ experience on your digital platforms.

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Data management & integration

Your competitive edge is how well you use the data you control. Croud links systems into a single data platform.

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Data science

Customer value, propensity and segmentation take time to manifest, but when predicted, these are game-changing measures for targeting and optimization.

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Google Marketing Platform & Google Cloud

As Google Marketing Platform and Cloud sales and service partners, Croud can advance your ad tech and ensure your data ownership.

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We build tailored reports and dashboards, tied back to your business objectives, that inform critical marketing and business decisions.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We help Salesforce Marketing Cloud marketers get the most out of the platform – from full marketing automation maturity assessments, to end-to-end campaign management.

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Our approach


Data needs planning, with everything connected to business objectives. Our measurement workshops refocus marketing teams on aims, not just numbers. No measurement methodology is flawless, so we implement multiple, including controlled channel and campaign experiments; and we incorporate “walled gardens” like Facebook. We report with tailored Datorama dashboards, designed with business objectives in mind.


With advanced solutions, we’ll support you through increasing sophistication: from native platform integrations, to predictive models and first-party custom build. You’ll control your data, and we recommend buying Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform, resold from Croud.

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