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Analytics & measurement.

Measure with confidence and let data drive your strategy

Being confident in your measurement of data is important. You need to be sure you’re making decisions based on reliable and accurate data. Confidence starts with ensuring you have a sound measurement framework in place, along with the technical implementation and availability of relevant first-party data across your digital portfolio, which can fulfill the requirements scoped in the measurement framework. Once all is in place, we can then dive into the insights, and recommend actions that can help you make the best informed business decisions possible.

Our approach


Our expertise covers a wide range of analytics platforms, including Google, Adobe, Piwik, and Mixpanel. Using a combination of in-house experts and platform specialists across our Croudie network, we can turn your vision into reality.


We provide support for measurement strategy, implementation, analysis and reporting. Our consultative approach spans everything from comprehensive platform audits, and complex multi-platform integrations, to practical Google Analytics training and beyond.


We have all the skills and scalable resource needed to make full use of the large and complex data sets at your disposal, enabling deeper measurement, more valuable insights and more strategic actions.

The Croud difference

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Adobe Solution Partner, Croud can help with everything from measurement strategy to the provision of fully descriptive support documentation for complex web and/or app implementations.

Through close integration with every part of the agency, Croud’s Analytics team also has an in-depth understanding of the full cross-channel marketing mix, meaning that all insights are tied to practical marketing actions or optimizations.

As a partner with market-leading tech vendors, Croud keeps up to date with the latest products and processes – innovating on each new development – leaving you to focus on your business.

See the results


Turning insights into action

Easy Offices

Boosting conversions and efficiency through smart CRO


A full Floodlight tracking audit to enable a flawless remarketing strategy

Our capabilities


Through comprehensive analytics and tag management system audits, we’ll help you improve data collection, confidence in measurement and recommend immediate areas to develop.

Measurement strategy

From all-encompassing, cross-channel measurement frameworks, to making sure you assess each channel’s role in the digital journey, we can help you make the most out of your data

Conversion rate optimization

We support with first-party data activation for driving customer LTV and more impactful media buying, as well as providing in-depth audience insights.

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Implementation & tracking

Whether you’re looking to audit your existing Analytics set-up or troubleshoot tracking issues, Croud will help you get the right data collection in place.


We cover all options when it comes to attribution – from optimizing basic in-platform models to creating a tailored Markov model based on your own data.

Data integration

Get a clearer picture of the customer journey and start optimizing business strategies in line with customer behavior.

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Audience insights

Get more powerful insight into what your visitors do on site with a suite of qualitative and quantitative research methods implemented, analyzed and reported on by our experts.

Reporting & dashboarding

Our dedicated Data Visualization team builds tailored reports and dashboards, tied back to your objectives, that inform critical business decisions.

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Upskill your team – we provide full Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager training for all levels, from beginners to advanced users

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