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Paid search used to be simple; choose your keywords, optimise your bids and write compelling ad copy. But the development of targeting options, the evolution of automation, and the ever-growing global market mean the complexity of delivering a truly relevant ad to your customer has grown exponentially.

Fail to harness automation and you can be slow to react to a fluid market. Neglect to integrate business data and you eliminate the potential for intelligent optimisation and enhanced audience targeting. Don’t effectively globalise your activity and you fail to capitalise on new market opportunities.

Our approach


Firstly, by understanding your business goals – whether launching a new product, increasing market share, or testing new markets – we can understand how PPC can help and outline a strategy.


Then, by diving into your data, we can learn who your customers are and how they interact with your business.  Adding depth to your strategy, this allows us to tap into sophisticated audience targeting and understand how to respond to real-time changes in your business.


Finally, we build the infrastructure needed to deliver your strategy; integrating data and technology, tailoring campaigns to target markets, and rolling out at scale. By leveraging technology and our Croudie network we can do this accurately and at pace.

The Croud difference

Croud excels in two key areas; supporting international growth, and automation and technology.

We understand the challenges new markets can offer, and will help you capitalise on every opportunity. Our global network of PPC specialists means that we are uniquely positioned to offer truly local market and customer behaviour insights. We also deliver performance across native search engines such as Naver, Baidu and Yandex.

Croud is a technology-led agency, so when it comes to automation, we can build powerful API tools, often bespoke to your business, to automate performance management and integrate data effectively.

Our capabilities


As effectively targeting your customers becomes increasingly complex, developing the right PPC strategy is key.

Automation & integration

Combining machine learning and AI with your business data helps us take your PPC performance to the next level.

Global growth

Being both consistent and locally relevant at scale is challenging. We work with global brands to achieve performance at scale.

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