Digital Analytics at Croud

With digital analytics Croud uses data to

  • understand the way your site or app is used, and
  • understand more about the people using it.

We can take a complete view of the advertising and publicity channels you’re using, and the insight this reveals lets us make decisions about improving your website or app and its marketing.

The digital analytics platforms Croud uses include Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (Omniture), IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) and comScore Digital Analytix.


Planning - Digital Analytics - Croud


Collecting & Processing - Digital Analytics - Croud


Reporting & Distribution - Digital Analytics - Croud


Analysing & Taking Action - Digital Analytics - Croud


Measurement Strategy - Digital Analytics - Croud

Measurement Strategy

Maximise the value of your digital analytics.
Without careful planning, analytics can easily generate enormous volumes of data, while at the same time failing to capture the measurement that will make a genuine difference for your business.

Croud will work with you to understand your business objectives. Based on these, we’ll propose and agree the KPIs and key segmentations that you need for regular reporting. We’ll work together, drawing on a variety of data, to set targets for each of the KPIs. That way, you get insight you can act on.


Collect and process the detailed data you need.
Croud will develop customisations for the analytics technology you use in your site or app, which will let you collect the data that you need for KPIs, diagnostic metrics and segmentations. We’ll also configure your analytics platform to process this data as required, and integrate it with other data sources.

If you’re not sure whether your current analytics implementation is correct or complete, Croud can take a look and help you address any problems.

Implementation - Digital Analytics - Croud

Reporting - Digital Analytics - Croud


Help the right people make the best decisions.
Croud will design your KPI-focused reports so that they’re clear and meaningful. We’ll develop and implement the systems that deliver or serve these reports, to the right people, with the timeliness that you need for effective decision making.

Analysis & Recommendation

Plan marketing budgets knowing how your multiple channels are working together.
Not sure where to start with conversion attribution? Croud will look to see how your multiple marketing channels are working together to drive conversion. We’ll study and compare different models for conversion attribution, and help you understand the different relationships between channels so that you can plan your media more effectively.

Of course there are many more applications of digital analysis than conversion attribution… but we think it’s a good example.

Analysis & Recommendation - Digital Analytics - Croud

Conversion Rate Optimisation - Digital Analytics - Croud

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Take data-driven decisions about improving your website.
Croud will use digital analytics to identify the opportunities for website improvements, and we’ll design the A/B and MVT experiments that will prove the best changes. We’ll help you install your testing technology and integrate it with your analytics platform, and we’ll work with your design and UX resource to produce the page elements we need for testing. Croud will help you interpret experiment results, and we’ll make recommendations.

Support & Training

Build your skills in-house and have someone to call if you get stuck.
Croud offers bespoke training courses – just talk to us about what you need – and we offer support for analytics in both technical implementation and analysis.

Support & Training - Digital Analytics - Croud


Real World - Digital Analytics - Croud

We do real-world digital marketing, in practice; we’re not analytics theorists

Genuine Purpose - Digital Analytics - Croud

Everything we do has genuine purpose: we enable better decisions and actions

Care More - Digital Analytics - Croud

The people at Croud really care more: we each own a piece of the agency