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Your guide to Croud's content offering

What Croud offers

At Croud we understand that content is not only at the heart of your marketing activity, but also vital to your brand and revenue growth. We live, sleep and breathe content, and as a result, we’ve developed a wide variety of content offerings that you can pick and choose from depending on your company’s needs. From written blogs to interactive quizzes, our content menu is filled with a range of original online material. Browse them all below.

Croud’s team of talented, SEO-trained writers have experience in almost every industry, so we’ll be able to cover nearly any topic in your company’s tone and writing style.

Our content is priced by the unit. 1 unit = AUD $225

Written content

Croud’s team of talented, SEO-trained writers can cover nearly any topic in your tone and style.

Written Content Price = 1 unit per 300 words


Types of content

Landing page copy

SEO-perfected text for your site’s landing pages. We’ll provide the copy and advise on layout for optimum conversions. *Top tip – pairs well with video content*

Blog articles

An in-depth article covering a topic in straightforward language. The end result is an article that is both useful for your audience and highly relevant for SEO.

News updates

Using a journalistic approach, we’ll cover new topics relevant to your business in a timely fashion, so you can be seen as an industry news-breaker.

Explainer content

An in-depth article covering a topic in straightforward language. The end result is an article that is both useful for your audience and highly relevant for SEO. *Top tip – pairs well with video content*


We’ll cover a topic in depth, organising the content into digestible chapters which you can use as a valuable asset for your audience. *Top tip – pairs well with graphic design*


We interview a subject and turn their insights and experience into a useful piece of content.

FAQ pages

Step 1: We investigate the most-searched questions related to your industry.

Step 2: We write up a comprehensive FAQ page, giving your audience the answers they seek.

Need a type of content that isn’t on our menu? Our talented writers can accommodate almost anything. Drop us a line and let us know what you need.

Graphic content

Our graphic designers are a creative bunch—they can bring their own style to the table, or they can align with your brand guidelines. You can rely on the fact that they’ll build stunning visual assets that integrate seamlessly into your existing digital persona.

Infographics – 4 to 12 units

Engaging, shareable graphic design covering facts, statistics, or how-to information about a topic in your industry.

Infoimages – 2 units

Bite-sized infographics that feature a singular fact or tip, with engaging graphic design to encourage sharing. Perfect for social media sharing.

Blog imagery – 1 unit per blog article

Blogs with imagery aren’t just more engaging; they rank better too. We’ll pick out the perfect image, resize it for your platform, and give you versions for social sharing to boot.

Content branding and design

Depending on the length of your content, we can handle the design, layout, and branding. This can be used with the content we create or something you’ve created internally.

Croud video

Video is at the top of the list when it comes to content with the best ROI. Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. In addition, users spend 88% more time on a website with video. Cisco predicts that by 2022, 82% of all Internet traffic will be video content.

Video options

Croud’s team of talented, photographers & videographers can create a wide variety of multimedia content that match your brand’s visual guidelines, aesthetic and tone of voice. From educational slideshows to multifaceted video shoots, our videographers will run the show and create a final product that delivers.

Video Slideshows- 4 units

Turn any blog post into an engaging video. We’ll summarise the content and pair the text with relevant video clips, photos, and music. Fully optimised to suit your brand, we can personalise these videos by typeface, colour, and call to action.

Product Demo/Tutorial- 10 units / additional units for videos over 2 mins

Make your products come to life! These videos are informative and memorable. They’re a key player in informing consumers and increasing conversion rates. These videos display the value of your product, how it solves a problem, and why the viewer can’t live without it.

Interview- 12 units / additional units for videos over 3 mins

Our interview videos usually spotlight one or two people answering questions (no surprises there). The interviewee is someone your audience already knows (an influencer, a well-known speaker, an author etc.) or someone they’d enjoy hearing from (an expert, specialist, the CEO, etc.).

Testimonial – 10 units / additional units for videos over 2 mins

When it comes to conversion, testimonials are that extra push to get consumers over the line. When people see others using a product or service, they’re more likely to follow suit.

Round-ups – 6 units / additional units for videos over 2 mins

Roundup videos involve a speaker reviewing a curated list on a single theme, such as “The Top NSW Road Trips” or “6 Budget Hacks to Fatten Your Wallet”. These can have footage of one narrator with additional imagery and video overlay.

Live talks/presentations – starting at 10 units, additional units depending on shoot  

If a team member is giving a speech, you might as well get double bang for your marketing buck. We’ll film their presentation, talk, or panel, do some minor editing, and ta-da: You’ve got a great piece of content.

Events- 10 units / additional units for videos over 2 mins

Whether you’re throwing an off-site team training or hosting an end-of-the-year party, we’ll help you document and showcase it to the world. Not only do these videos highlight the amazing aspects of your event, they’re also brag-worthy assets to share on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Bespoke video editing

If you have a more in-depth project in mind or would be interested in discussing our other offerings, please get in touch! We have ultimate flexibility and a range of options to align with various budgets and what you’re looking for.

Interactive content

Make a splash with a hero piece of content. Capture your audience’s attention by pulling them into your brand story.

Interactive content is priced individually.


There’s a reason Buzzfeed is so popular. Quizzes are the ultimate way to engage with your audience; we can build a quiz from end to end, until it’s ready to go live on your site.

Interactive infographics

Why settle for something static when you can have whizz-bang content? Our interactive infographics pop off the page, animate as you scroll, and bring calls-to-action front and centre.

Side dishes

Content uploading – 1 unit per blog article

Sometimes the hardest part of content marketing is just getting the content live. We can upload blogs and simple landing pages if you use a non-bespoke content management system.

Social media posts – .25 per post, per platform

Need social media posts for your content pieces? We do it all.

Social media calendar – priced individually

You know you need to post more often. You just don’t have the time to put together the posts. We’ll do it for you, deliver a neat and tidy monthly calendar that you can simply schedule. *Top tip – pairs well with:  graphic content*

Social media scheduling – priced individually

Need us to schedule your social posts to go live? Set it and forget it – we’ll make sure they’re all scheduled and posting at the optimum times for your audience.

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